Thursday, March 5, 2009

Walgreens Show & Tell (March 4th)

I didn't pay a penny out of pocket for this. I used my fat gift card and Register Rewards. I went in with $11 in RR's and $53.85 on my gift card=$64.85. I left with only $4.61 on my gift card, but $57 in RR's=$61.61. So I paid $3.24, I guess. My Bebe Girl needed formula and I just ran out of FREE Kroger formula. Can I really complain? Um, no.

Read about my coupon matches here.

See how I made money buying Dove Soap here.

(The little things at the bottom right were carabiner clips on clearance for .05. Great filler item and my boys were happy to get them. The pink one is for me: My Bebe Girl loves to play with my keys, so I can clip them onto the shopping cart and she'll stop dropping them!)

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