Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oops, I did it AGAIN!

Do you remember how I spent too much money at CVS last month?

Well, I reigned things in a little bit at CVS this month. I've spent $25.71 this month with a savings of $402.31. I should continue to work on lowering that OOP amount. I get a little sloppy sometimes when I'm in a hurry or my kids are starting to fuss or I feel like I'm doing too many transactions.

I (should) have $20 in ECB's and I have around $10 on CVS Money Cards. For the month of March, I might shoot for $10 or less OOP. Do you guys think I can pull that off while still getting the deals?

Here's where I went wrong...


I spent $64.46 this month. :O

With a savings of $223.89. That doesn't seem nearly as good as CVS...

I spent $22 on diapers (2 packs for my Bebe Girl and 2 packs for baby showers).

And they had some FABULOUS FREEBIES this month! I will be getting back approximately $53 on my Walgreens gift card and I have $12 in Register Rewards.

Maybe I can do next month for $1...

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Sarah said...

One way that I brought my OOP way down was by transferring prescriptions. I don't know if you have any or not, but I transfer my prescription to CVS every other month, get a $25 gift card and use that and that alone. Even if I don't get every single sweet deal I find, I only use the gift card so that I'm not actually using my real money. Now, I don't have kids, so diapers are not my reality, so that does play a huge difference. Good luck. You can do it!