Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Brookshire's Show & Tell (March 30th)

I was lacking two (three) things at Brookshire's yesterday:

Patience & Organization (Sanity)

I still did good, especially according to the women in line behind me. If I had just waited until I could clean up my coupon binder, I could have done better. Live & learn!

Here's what I got:

Ok, what's more shocking?
Me showing off my tampons or
O.M.G. --I "bought" more Pop-Tarts!
.98 each with $1 peelies=FREE plus .02 overage.

I bought 7 boxes of Kellogg's without coupons! $2 each=$14. Earned 3 FREE gallons of milk! (And we really do like these cereals...)

There's a P&G Rebate offer good only until March 31st. Buy $35, get a $10 Gas Card. Buy $40, get a $15 gas card.

P&G Total: $41.44
After coupons: $25.69
And I'll get back a $15 Gas Card.

I used a $25 Gift Card from a transferred prescription.

Total Paid: $28.82
Total Saved: $74.61 or 61%

But remember--I have 3 FREE gallons of milk and a $15 Gas Card coming my way!

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All Things Frugal For You And Me said...

That's a good stock up!

You know you have a blog if you take photos of Tampons:) Or hear your children say "we can't eat it yet, Mom hasn't taken a picture" Not that I'd know or anything...

blogging is something eh?