Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Why, O Coupons, Why?

I just need to vent a small frustration...

I stocked UP on Pillsbury biscuits during the Daytona Event, only for them to go on sale at $1 with a MONEYMAKING catalina deal two weeks later after I'd used almost all my coupons.

This past week, I was so proud of myself for getting Fiber One bars and Nature Valley granola bars for just 70 cents. This week, I could have used those same coupons to get them for just 20 cents! UGH!

However, when I hold on to my coupons waiting for a better deal, it doesn't always come along.

I know I have no real reason to complain--I'm still getting good deals. But kicking myself all the time is starting to hurt a little... :D


Tosha said...

happens to me ALL the time. Where is the .20 deal going on? I'm so out of the loop:(

Mommy Managing said...

At Brookshire's. They are on sale for $2. The .60 IP from Betty Crocker triples to 1.80.


Lowry517 said...

I read what you wrote today & it happened to me. I am currently kicking myself as we speak. I had 6 of the Butoni pasta $1/1 coupons left & bought 6 while we were @ Kroger in Dallas on Saturday. I never see these items on a big sale. I just checked their ad online (we have to travel out of town to get to one), and they are included in the mega saver thingy for $1.99 when you buy 10 mix/match items. I am so mad at myself. As if I should have known!!! Man!!! I could have paid $0.99 each. So, I am totally feeling your pain today. So, if you store is having the same sale, please go out and buy some cheap Butoni pasta for me. Have a great day!

Sandy Jenney said...

I am just getting into this couponing business...kicking and screaming should I say!!! But I am hearing about such good deals I feel like I need to at least make an attempt at it.