Tuesday, March 3, 2009

$20 Gift Card @ Dillyeo.com

Have you heard of Dillyeo?

Here's the jist:

They only offer one deal per day. No shopping around or searching. Just one item. Either you want it or you don't.

Lately, they have been offering FREE gift cards or store credit on their site. I signed up for a $10 gift card a few weeks ago and it was super easy. They are only good for a limited amount of time, and they cannot be combined with any other offers.

Honestly, I'm not crazy about most of their daily offers. I go ahead and get the gift cards when available and it's there just in case I want to use it. They did have one item I really wanted and I think I got a pretty good price on it.

Today, the gift card offer is $20, whereas they usually offer $10 or less. You must "purchase" the gift card today, which simply adds it to your account. It is valid until Saturday. I can't wait to see wait the daily items are between now and then!

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