Thursday, March 5, 2009

Reader Q & A

Anonymous asked:

I have a question for you since you seem to live in my area. I would email, but the link on your profile isn't working for me. Anyway, can you tell me if Kroger doubles coupons everyday, at all, or on certain days?


I now have my e-mail address on the top right corner--Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention!

My area Kroger stores (the Delta Region) double coupons up to and including .60 everyday. They will double 8 of the each "like" coupon per transaction; others of the same type will be redeemed at face value.

Thanks for asking!


Lowry517 said...

FYI - I live in Texas not terribly far from Dallas. Our stores only will do (3) like coupons per transaction, but they are happy to let you check out separately. One store told me they can't override it b/c their store got looked into for doing this from corporate. So, now I just divide it up to not put pressure on them

Mommy Managing said...

Yes, our region has one of the better coupon policies!

Some other regions will double q's up to and including .50. Then q's between .50 & $1 will double to $1. I know I'm lucky when I have a .60 Q that is now worth $1.10.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for answering my question about Kroger on here. I just went for my first CVS visit (got my card while I was there) and I noticed a great flyer from "the Heart Truth" (Red Dress) with all $1 Cherrios, Coke, Minute Maid, etc. I was so proud to have noticed it, but I didn't pay attention as I was checking out and I bought toothpaste that WASN'T on sale and I even used my .75 coupon in it. I am thinking about returning it (and trying not to lament over my lost coupon). I guess there is a learning curve :-) They were also out of several of the hot items so I am guessing that you need to go at the beginning of the sale for certain things. Thanks for all the great information and motivation!