Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Walgreens Show & Tell (March 10th)

Here's the deal with the Irish Spring Body Wash. You buy the first one, and a Register Reward prints for a FREE one. The registers are not reading the RR, so cashiers/managers are entering a $4.49 manufacturer's coupon instead. Then a new Register Reward generates with your purchase. You may have problems with this deal if you choose to do it. Some peole are reporting that stores are not giving customers the new RR. I think they have full right to do so. The manager at the store I went to yesterday had no problem giving me the new RR. Just a little FYI.

The Glade was free.

Remember the Vent Fresh thingie from January? Not only did I get a moneymaking rebate from Wags and a pending full rebate from the manufacturer, but there was a coupon for a free refill in the package. I found a tearpad at Walmart for a FREE movie ticket WYB 2 Vent Fresh products. They were $2.49: one was free and I used a $2 RR on the other=.49 movie!

Total Paid: $1.70

Total Saved: $19.48 plus the cost of a movie ticket!

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amy99s said...

They have now fixed the catalinas so that when the free one is scanned... it asks for the cashier to enter the price and does not generate the new catalina. It was good while it lasted!!!