Friday, March 13, 2009

Brookshire's Show & Tell (March 12th)

When I checked out at Brookshire's last night, my cashier was obviously very experienced and knowledgable. She was friendly and efficient--a little too efficient! She manually entered my IP's so they would not double or triple! I was so sad, but I genuinely do not have a problem with it because the coupon clearly states "Do Not Double or Triple". I mean, I'll take it when it doubles or triples, but I can't argue with the writing on the wall (er, the coupon). It put my total $2 more than I was expecting.

They were also out of my favorite variety of the Fiber One bars. :(

You can see most of the coupon matches here.

Total Paid: $11.36
Total Saved: $21.74 or 68%

P.S. Does it make anyone else sick to buy trash bags? I mean, I'm buying something with the intention of throwing it away! I had to buy some decent ones though--I'm so tired of 13 gallon trash bags not being BIG enough for a 13 gallon trash can! UGH!

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