Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Brookshire's Show & Tell (March 8th)

I happen to think this was a pretty ROCKIN' trip to Brookshire's, although it was much more than I usually spend there.

I had a 10% off coupon that I had earned for my January/February spending. I was hoping that the 10% would come off the pre-coupon price--but it was not so. :( Still, it saved me $5.

Lowdown on the Lysol:

The large green cans were on Clearance for $1.95
I used (3) $2 MQ's to score overage

The rest were on sale for $2 each
I used various IP coupons HERE

Total for all the Lysol was $4.00.

Total Paid: $51.06
Total Saved: $66.93 or 59%

But wait! I got $3.21 back in cash because the hot dogs didn't ring up right. I'll get $3.99 back from a mail-in rebate on the Pops cereal. I also received a $1 OYNO coupon.
I'll tell you what really did me in was the $ 7 worth of milk and this:


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