Saturday, March 14, 2009

On My Shoulders

I have a little angel on my shoulder. I have a little devil on my other shoulder. They both whisper in my ear. I don't always hear them over the noise my three children make, but they're there.

When I found a $100 bill on the ground in Old Navy, neither of them spoke. My decision to give it to the manager was not even really a decision--it was an instinct.

When I was leaving Old Navy, the little angel said,"You're not going to use that 30% off coupon you printed. Why not pass it along to someone else?" I scanned the lines and went to the lady with the fullest shopping cart and handed it to her. It thrilled me to make someone else's day.

However, when I found Pop-tarts on sale for .98 that had $1 peelies on them--I cleared the shelf! Thank you little devil! Sorry other customers... :D


All Things Frugal 4-U And Me said...

You're so funny.
Thanks for the laugh tonight!
Did you get my email about having a $50 Wags booklet for you? I can send it out ASAP just email me your addy.

amy99s said...

What I would have done with the money... leave a note with the manager that had your name and number and that you found "some money"... if someone lost some they could call you. They would need to know exactly how much was lost. My guess is the manager just pocketed that money.

Mommy Managing said...

Actually, I know the store manager, so I can followup with her. But not a bad tip!

Michelle said...

Funny post, and so true! I would have turned the money in too (and have done so in the past) and I totall love giving things to other ppl in the store. The looks on their face is soooo great!