Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Walgreens Show & Tell (March 17th)

I wasn't finding everything I wanted on this trip. Instead of wasting my $10 RR, I opted to pay OOP for my transaction. How do you think I did?

Listerine, Reach floss, & Reach toothbrush
Used $3 MQ from Diabetes & You book found at Wags Pharmacy
Earned $6 RR
Final Price: FREE

2 boxes of Sambucol
$11.99 each (These were marked on the shelf as $10.99, so I paid $2 more for the transaction total than I was expecting.)
Used 2 $3 MQ's from inside the boxes of previously purchased Sambucol
Used $10 EasySaver coupon x 2
Final Price: FREE plus overage

Mac & Cheese Poppers
.25 each clearance price

Total Paid: $6.82-.63 (on Gift Card)=$6.19 OOP
Total Saved: $33.45
RR's Earned: $6

1 comment:

All Things Frugal For You And Me said...

I think you did good.
I call that a wash:)