Monday, October 6, 2008

Walgreens, O Walgreens, Why Art Thou So Complicated?

Walgreens offers a program called “Register Rewards” (“RR’s”). These "RR's" are like Walgreens cash toward your next purchase. They print out of a separate machine at the register, not on your receipt. Things you need to know about Register Rewards:

1)There are limitations per transaction.

2) Because they do not have a membership card to track it, there is no limit to how many transactions you can do to earn Register Rewards.

3) Do not use "like" Register Rewards to pay for an item that earns Register Rewards. Meaning, don't use a Register Reward you received for buying Colgate toothpaste to buy another Colgate toothpaste. Register Rewards will not print for the new item. You can use a Colgate Register Reward to pay for a completely unrelated product, like Infant Formula and go back and forth. This does get a little tricky.

4) You can use a manufacturer’s coupon on an item that earns a Register Reward, sometimes even creating a profit.


Buy item X for $4.49
Use 75 cent Manufacturer’s Coupon
Earn $4.49 Register Reward
Profit: 75 Cents

Walgreens also has "in-ad" coupons, well, in the ad! These have to be scanned in order to get that price! They are not simply advertising a sale price.

You can get a coupon booklet at the pharmacy for asking about their Prescription Savings Club.

Walgreens occasionally releases coupons for dollars off a minimum purchase, like $5 off $20. Their policy states that your purchase must be at least $20 AFTER all coupons--including Register Rewards.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


Caffeine Queen said...

Do you do rebates online or by mail? I entered mine online and they sent me something saying items were not on receipt? I need to call them.

Mommy Managing said...

Yes, I do mine online.

Did you perhaps select the wrong month at the EasySaver website?