Wednesday, March 18, 2009

CVS Show & Tell (March 17th)

I haven't been to CVS much since I got my new card. I popped in once last week to see if they had the FREE after ECB toothpaste (Like I need more toothpaste!). I left empty handed, and was quite okay with that.

I never thought they'd actually have the Irish Spring when I went in last night. Low & BEHOLD!

My purchases got so messed up, though! There's absolutely NO WAY I could break my transactions down in writing. On the first transaction, one item didn't ring up at the price I thought it was. On the second transaction, the cashier hit the wrong button for my ECB and then the manager accidentally cashed it out. The manager was doing refunds and re-rings, and I wanted to ask the poor guy if he'd ever heard of a "Post Void".

All I can tell you is that I have a total of $1 more ECB's and approximately $4 more on money cards than when I went in.

So, after they paid me $5, I walked out with this:

Some of the Natural Dentist mouthwash was on clearance for $1.75. I used $2 IP's HERE. Now I'll send off for the $10 Mail-in-Rebate! Woohoo!

The fleece Doggers were on clearance for .99!

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