Friday, March 13, 2009

Walgreens Show & Tell (March 12th)

I finally did the Huggies deal! And I'll be doing it a couple more times today and tomorrow. The pic only shows two packs, but I did buy three--I've just already given one away!

My Irish Spring rolled again. That's 3 for the price of 1 so far.

The Glade was free.

The Allergy medicine was $3.99 and I'll get that plus 10% back on my Gift Card.

Lastly, the Dry Idea was a little "deal-gone-wrong". The ad states 2.25-4oz. Dry Idea deodorant is $2.99 and will produce a $2 RR. There's a $2 IP HERE. The one I got was on Clearance for $2.29. I though I had really scored! But no RR printed. I'm not sure why. Still, it's a 29 cent deoderant for my "Donate" pile.

I also used a $10 RR from buying Walgreens infant formula.

Total Paid: $13.78
RR's Earned: $10
Rebates Earned: $4.38
Profit of 60 cents!

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