Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'll Be Back Soon!

I'm so sorry I haven't been able to post regularly this week. I am dying to get back to regular blogging! Hopefully just a few more days...

FYI--Our local Brookshire's is still TRIPLING coupons up to and including 60 cents (only one of each kind will TRIPLE).

Kroger is having an 8-hour moonlight madness sale. Good deals--check your ad!

CVS Moneymaker--Print a coupon here for $3 off 5 Soyjoy bars. Buy 5, use $3 off Q, spend $2 OOP, and earn $4 ECB's.

I have lots of things planned when I get my internet back up & running! Stay tuned!

Friday, October 24, 2008

FREE Tacos

Tuesday, October 28, from 2-6pm at Taco Bell, you can get a FREE taco just because somebody stole a base in the World Series.

I'm not a baseball fan, per say, but I am a FREE food fan.

Sunday & Monday Only Deals @ CVS

CVS has a couple more Two Day Sale Items:

Hershey, Mars, & Nestle Fun Size (9.5-13.3 oz) or Twizzlers Snack Size (22 oz)
2 for $3

Gold Emblem Nuts (Selcted Varieties)
2 for $5

You can see the full ad here or see the full workup with coupon mathes here.

Don't forget that this is the last week to get the monthly ECB deals for October.

I'm a Winner...Yes, Again

I forgot to mention that I won this giveaway at The Thrifty Mommy. My kids love the yogurt with Diego on it and I love two things about it: 1) It has 25% less sugar than other "kids" yogurts; 2) Its thick texture clings to the spoon for less mess!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Old Navy Freebies

You have got to check out this post!

Free T-shirts? Free Trick-or-treat Bags? Free COUPONS?!?!

I'm so there...

Walgreens $5/$20 Coupon for October 24 & 25/Double Dipping Info

If you're new to shopping at Walgreens, read this and jump right in.

Your purchase only has to total $20 after coupons, as opposed to the last coupon that was $25.

If you haven't picked up this month's FREE after rebate items, here's your last chance!

You can print your coupon here or go to and print one (or two).

These are also the two "Double Dipping" days when the October EasySaver Catalog overlaps with the November EasySaver Catalog. I don't see much that interests me this time around, but here are the "Double Dips".

Dove Mini's (9.5 oz) $4.79
Oct - $1/2 (States the Susan G. Koman ones)
Nov - $2/2
Final Price: $3.29 each

Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares (5.32 oz) $3.99
Oct - $1/2
Nov - $1/2 (States the Holiday ones)
9/21 SS - $1/2 exp. 12/31/08
Final Price: $2.49 each

Curel Life Stages (8.5 oz.) $6.99
Oct - $1/1
Nov - $1/1 (States the Life's Stages kind)
***Same Bar Codes--May not work***
10/12 SS - $1/1
Final Price: $3.99

Rogaine 3 Pack (90 day supply)
Oct - $10/1
Nov - $10/1
***Same Bar Codes--May not work***

Schick Quattro 3 pack $7.99
Oct - $2/1
Nov - $3/1
Final Price: $2.99

KY yours+mine $19.99
Oct - $5/1
Nov - $5/1
Print $5/1 from Website KY® Special Offers
Final Price: $4.99

UniFiber $13.99
Oct - $4/1
Nov - $4/1
$2/1 - Aug. 2008 Good Houskeeping Mag, exp 12/31/08
Final Price: $3.99

Ocean Complete Mist & Wash Sinus Irrigation (6 oz) $14.99
Oct - $2/1
Nov - $3/1
Final Price: $9.99

M&M's (11 - 14 oz bags) $3.29
Oct ES q - $1/2
Nov ES rebate - $5/4
9/28 RP - $1/2, exp. 10/31/08
Final Price: $1.04 each (if you have 2 Manufacturer's Q's)

Lysol Neutra Air or Airwick Freshmatic Kits $5.99
Nov ES rebate is $3 (limit one)
9/7 SS - $5/1, exp. 11/3/08

L'Oreal Preference Hair Color $7.99
Nov ES q - $2/1
10/5 RP - $2/1, exp 12/28/08
Final Price: $3.99

MUCH thanks to myoung and theirfavoritemommy at A Full Cup for help in compiling this information.

October 26 Coupons

It's another slow coupon week.

There are a couple of Huggies coupons, several make-up coupons, and a bunch for medicine.

One worth mentioning is 25 cents off any Cottonelle TP. I'll combine this with my Cottonelle coupons and get some more FREE TP (my store doubles).

Youc an check out the full preview at The Coupon Clippers. Click on Tracker.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kroger October 22-28

If you are new to shopping at Kroger, read this.

There are two package deals at Kroger this week:

1)Save $3 INSTANTLY when you purchase $10 worth of Hellmann's®, Lipton®, RagĂș®, Shedd's Spread Country Crock® Spread, Wisk®, or Klondike® products

Hellmann's Mayo
*Price Unknown*
.60/1 coupon from 8/17 RP

Lipton Iced Tea Bags (24 ct.)
multiple coupons from 8/17 & 10/5 RP

Lipton Tea To Go (12 pack)
multiple coupons from 8/17 & 10/5 RP

Country Crock Spread (30-45 oz.)
.25/1 coupon from 10/5 RP

Ragu Pasta Sauce
$1 off WYB 2 Ragus AND 1 dry pasta from 9/21 RP

2) Get a checkout coupon for $5 off your next order when you buy $15 of qualifying candy. There were various coupons in the 9/28 SS insert. There is a $1/3 printable here.

There is also a 10 for $10 sale. You do NOT have to purchase 10 items! They are simply $1 each. Here are the ones with coupons:

Campbell's Soups (selected Varieties)
Various coupons from 10/12 SS

Hunt's Snack Pack Pudding
.75/2 from September All You

Chef Boyardee Pasta
.35/3 coupon from 10/19 SS

Betty Crocker Cake Mix
(There was a coupon on, but it is no longer available.)

Sunny D
.55/2 coupon from August All You

Puff's Plus Tissues
.25/1 coupon from 9/28 P&G

Aquafresh Toothpaste
various printables

Here are the rest of the deals and coupon matchups for this week:

Yoplait Yogurt (4-6 oz.)
50 cents each
.50/6 printable
$1/4 printable
$1/8 printable

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
$1.97 per pound

Green Giant Frozen Vegetables (7-16 oz.)
Various coupons from 9/7 and 10/5 SS
.50/1 printable
.50/2 loadable coupon from
.50/1 loadable coupon from (This is part of the Pasta Meal Deal)

Lean Cuisine or Stouffer's Red Box Entrees
$2 each
Buy 5, get 1 FREE
$1.50/3 printable
Buy 6
Use 2 of the above Q
$7 for 6 Lean Cuisines

Private Selection Ice Cream (56 oz.)
.75 loadable coupon from (This is part of the Birthday Meal Deal)

Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad
.40/1 printable

Hamburger, Tuna, & Chicken Helpers
$1 Each
.75/3 from 9/7 or 10/5 SS
.80/3 printables here or here

Cottonelle 4-pack Toilet Paper
99 cents
.50 loadable coupon from (There are two of these)

Pampers Diapers
$1.50 loadable coupon from
$1.50 coupon from 9/28 & 10/12 P&G Insert
Buy 1
Use loadable Q and paper Q
$6.99 Final Price

Pantene Shampoo, Condtioner, & Stylers
$1/1 coupon from 9/28 P&G Insert
Buy 1 Shampoo, Get 1 Styler Free loadable coupon from
Buy 1 Shampoo & 1 Styler
Use 2 paper Q's & loadable Q
$1.34 for both

Powerade 32 oz.
88 cents
***Check your local gas stations fro Tearpads***

Brookshire's October 22-28

As part of The Grocery Gathering at BeCentsable, I report on the Brookshire's weekly ad.

You will need a Brookshire’s “Thank You” card for most sale prices.

Coupon policies vary by region, so ask for your store’s policy. I am in central Mississippi, and my area Brookshire’s stores are currently TRIPLING coupons up to and including 60 cents. They will only TRIPLE one of each kind of coupon, all others will be redeemed at face value.

This week only offers one package deal:

Buy $10 worth of selected store brand items and get a $1 coupon good on your next purchase, including at the gas pump. From what I can tell, this compiles from transaction to transaction and does not have to all be in one transaction. (Food Club Milk & Cheese are great prices this week!)

Here are the best deals with coupon matchups:

Green Cabbage
44 cents per pound

Food Club Milk (Gallon)

Food Club Shredded Cheese (8 oz.)

Country Crock Spread (45 oz.)
.25/1 coupon from 10/05 RP

Hillshire Farm Lunchmeats
.55/1 coupon from 10/5 RP (DND)

Chicken Fryer Leg Quarters
49 cents per pound

Ground Beef (5 lb. Chub)
$1.59 per pound

Birdseye Steamfresh Vegetables
.35/1 coupon from 10/12 SS

Hormel Compleats Microwave Meals
.75/1 coupon from 8/17 SS (EXP 10/26!)

Chef Boyardee Pasta
88 cents
.35/3 coupon from 10/19 SS

Hatch Diced Tomatoes
50 cents

Betty Crocker Cookie Mix
.40/1 coupon from 9/7 SS or 10/19 SS

Chex Mix, Cheerios Snack Mix, or Gardetto's
.50/1 coupon from 9/7 SS
.50/1 coupon from 10/5 SS

Ziploc Bags (15-25 Count Box)
I'm not sure which insert, but there are several 55 cent coupons.

Fantastik All Purpose Cleaner
$1.50 printable or $1 coupon from 9/21 SS

Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent (32 Loads)
$1 printable (click on "Get Coupons")

Aquafresh Toothpaste

Intermittent Internet

I am in the process of switching from cable internet to satellite, and I will be in-and-out for a week or so. I should have the Brookshire's Ad info up later today.

Sorry for the lack of posting--please don't give up on me!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sunday & Monday Only Deals @ CVS

There are three Halloween items FREE after ECB's, but ONLY Sunday & Monday.

Pumpkin Pail (The classic candy-gatherer!)
99 cents
Earns 99 cents ECB
Limit 2

Brach's Pumpkins, Autumn Mix, Indian or Candy Corn 10 oz.
Earns $1.29 ECB's
Limit 2

Funlight 6" Smart Light (Great idea for SAFE Trick-or-Treating!)
99 cents
Earns 99 cents ECB
Limit 2
(Just an FYI--You can freeze glow sticks like this, and then pull them out to use later. We've had the same ones for months at a time!)

If you're new to CVS read this post. These items are a great way to get started building ECB's!


And the winner is...

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers: 94

Timestamp: 2008-10-18 22:25:28 UTC


Happy saving!

Today's The Day

Last chance to enter my giveaway!

I will announce the winner at 5PM, CST.

Good LUCK!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

October 19 Coupons

Get a paper this week. Notice I said "a" paper. Not two, not three, not more than one, especially for the locals.

You can see the blase preview at Taylortown or go to The Coupon Clippers and click on "Tracker".

Walgreens $5/$25 Coupon for Oct 17 & 18

I knew better than to go to Walgreens on Tuesday this week.

They've released another printable coupon, this time for $5 off $25 purchase, good only Friday and Saturday. You can print yours here.

Remember, Walgreens is sneaky-sneaky and states that your total must be $25 after all other coupons, including Register Rewards.

Check out this post for some of the best sale items this week.

FREE Baby Formula

Alright. I know you're tired of hearing about my Fancy Schmancy new Kroger, but this has to be mentioned!!

In the foyer on a table with the ads, there is a stack of coupons for FREE baby formula. It is the Kroger brand Ultra Comforts 25.7 oz. can of powder. It says you must use your member card. You can use one coupon per transaction, which means a lot of FREE formula! Coupon expires 12/31/08.

Beyond the Blog

Do you like good food?

How about spending time with Christian women?

Attending fun, entertaining, & educational workshops?

What about getting away from the kids for a couple of hours?

My church hosts a women's ministry event each year in preparation for the holidays. We each bring some food, enjoy some fellowship and a devotional, and then attend two 30-minute workshops. Last year, workshops included things like cake decorating, holiday decorating, making gift baskets, involving your children in the holidays, and scrapbooking.

I am honored to be teaching one of the workshops this year. I will be discussing coupons and frugal shopping.

"Embracing Peace through the Holidays" will be at Colonial Heights Baptist Church in Ridgeland, Mississippi, on November 13th at 6:30 pm. If you need childcare, registration is required by November 2nd and is $5 per child with a maximum of $15 per family.

E-mail me at if you need more info or want to register your children.

I Want A New Look

and it's at That's Just Nifty Thrifty. Alana Jo has designed and is giving away a BEAUTIFUL blog makeover that I LOVE, NEED, WANT, and just GOTTA have!

I mean, I guess I'll survive without it...But it's sooo pretty! Check it out!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

As part of The Grocery Gathering at BeCentsAble, I report on the Brookshire’s weekly ad.
You will need a Brookshire’s “Thank You” card for most sale prices.

Coupon policies vary by region, so ask for your store’s policy. I am in central Mississippi, and my area Brookshire’s stores are currently TRIPLING coupons up to and including 60 cents. They will only TRIPLE one of each kind of coupon, all others will be redeemed at face value.
There are 5 package deals this week:
1) Buy $10 worth of selected store brand items and get a $1 coupon good on your next purchase, including at the gas pump. From what I can tell, this compiles from transaction to transaction and does not have to all be in one transaction.

2) Get the following four items FREE
Barilla Pasta 13.3 to 16 oz.
Fresh Baked French Bread Loaf
Dole Salad Mix 5 to 12 oz. bag
Lawry’s Garlic Salt 6 oz.
When you buy ANY four of these items:
Shedd’s Spread Country Crock 45 oz.
Ragu Spaghetti Sauce 16 to 26.3 oz.
Bertolli Lucca Olive Oil 17 oz.
Bertolli Complete Skillet Meals 24 oz.
Breyer’s All Natural Ice Cream1.75 Quart (The chocolate version of this is awesome!)
Wish-Bone Salad Dressing, Selected Varieties

All items must be purchased in one transaction. Limit one offer per transaction.

3) FREE Pillsbury Cake Mix when you buy an 18 oz. Hellmann’s Mayonnaise (The squeeze bottle is $3.59).
All items must be purchased in one transaction. Limit one offer per transaction.

4) Buy $20 in “Tailgating”” supplies, get $5 off your order instantly. Qualifying items include:
Kingsford Charcoal
KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce or marinade
Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing
Glad Products

All items must be purchased in one transaction. Limit one offer per transaction.

5) FREE 8 oz. Daisy Sour Cream when you buy 16 oz. Daisy Cottage Cheese.
All items must be purchased in one transaction. Limit one offer per transaction.

Here are the best deals and coupon match-ups for this week:

Sweet Potatoes or Baking Potatoes
50 cents per pound

Texas Navel Oranges
79 cents

Green Cabbage
44 cents per pound

Distinctively Dole Salad Kit (These are really great, they already have all the fixin’s!)
50 cent coupon from 9/14 or 10/12 SS insert

Split Breast Chicken
99 cents per pound

Boston Butt Pork Roast
$1.49 per pound

Land O’ Frost Deli Shaved Lunchmeat 12 oz.

Pop-Tarts 12 ct.
55 cent coupon from 10/12 SS insert (My region did not receive)

Kashi Cereal, Selected Varieties
$1 off Go Lean Crunch printable coupon

$2 off any Kashi product printable coupon

Kellogg’s Cereal, Selected Varieties

From the widget on the right, $1 off Mini-Wheats cereals (all varieties are included) and $1 off Raisin Bran cereal

General Mills Cereal, Selected Varieties
$1/3 coupon from 9/7 or 10/5 SS insert

55 cents off Trix from widget to the right

$1 off Cheerios here, here, here, here, and here

55 cents off Reese's Puffs here

Kraft BBQ Sauce
68 cents

Duncan Hines Cake Mix
99 cents

75 cent coupon WYB BOTH cake mix and frosting from 10/12 SS insert

Betty Crocker Frosting 12 to 16 oz.

Del Monte baby food 4oz.
35 cents

Yoplait Yogurt 6 to 8 packs

$1.50 off Kids variety here or $1 off Kids variety here

50 cent coupon from 9/7 SS insert

Gatorade 32 oz. or Propel 23.7 oz.
89 cents
Check for tearpads at your local gas stations

Ozarka Bottled Water 24 pack/.5 Liter bottles

Tampax Tampons 20 ct.
50 cent coupon from 10/12 P&G insert

Windex Glass Cleaner 26 oz.

$2 printable here

$1 printable here

75 cent coupon from 9/21 SS insert

Shout Laundry Stain Remover
$1.50 printable here

75 cent coupon from 10/5 SS insert

Ziploc Zip ‘n Steam Microwave Cooking Bags

55 cent coupon from 8/24 SS insert

The following are Buy One Get Free offers for this week:

Tostitos Tortilla Chips 9 to 13 oz.
Does not include Baked or Natural varieties

McCormick Season-All Seasoned Salt 8 oz.

Food Club Cocktail Sauce 12 oz.

Bisquick Shake ‘n Pour Buttermilk Pancake Mix

Top Care Children’s Aspirin 36 ct.

Dingo Dog Treats 7 ct.

Nascar Pez Candy Dispenser

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Walgreens October 14th

Great trip today! A few must-haves and a couple things to make me feel pretty. :)

2 Bounty Basic Paper Towel Rolls
$1.59 each
Used In-Ad Coupon to make them 89 cents each
Used (2) 25 cent coupon from P&G Insert
Final Price: 64 cents each

2 Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent (This is my FAVORITE detergent!)
$2.99 Sale Price
Used (2) $1 off printable coupons found here
Final Price: $1.99
Will get back $1 EasySaver Rebate

2 Kashi Go Lean Crunch Cereals
$2.50 Sale Price
Used (2) $1 off printable coupons found here
Final Price: $1.50 each

3 Dimetapp Cold Medicines
$3.99 Sale Price
Used (3) $2 off printable coupons found here
Final Price: $1.99 Each
Earned $10 in RR's for buying 3

Jane Mineral Makeup:
1 Tinted Moisturizer $4.99
1 Blush $4.99
These were B1G1 Free
Used $2 off coupon from September All You magazine
Final Price: $2.99 for both

I used a $4.50 RR and paid $14.80 on a gift card from last months rebates. No OOP.

I have $3.09 left on my gift card and a $10 RR.

Local Egg Deal

I guess my Fancy Schmancy New Kroger had too many Organic Eggs, because they're all marked down on Manager's Special now! I got "Cage-Free Grain-Fed Organic" eggs by the dozen for just 99 cents!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hobby Lobby Week of October 13

Hobby Lobby has the 40% of one REGULAR priced item coupon again this week. Get yours here.

Sale items of note:

50% All Ribbon-by-the-Roll

50% off Floral Stems, Floral Arrangements, Greenery, Swags, Garlands--just about all floral items actually

$1.99 Simplicity Patterns (LIMIT 10)

30% Chipboard Embellishments for Scrapbooking

50% off Fall Decor
Check out the whole ad here.

Easy Money

I don't know about you, but I've signed up for several different programs offering compensation for your time in viewing ads or doing surveys. Some are points-based, like Ipsos I-Say, and take forever to build up. Some are cash-based, like Inbox Dollars, and pay very little and require a minimum balance before payout.

Now let me tell you about a program that REALLY TRULY HONESTLY takes very little time and pays out promptly. I discovered YouData at BeCentsAble. Create an account in under a minute for FREE and immediately start viewing ads. After 5 minutes or less, you've made a buck or two. Much better than a survey that takes you 20 minutes and pays you 50 cents--or even worse, a survey that you spend 5 minutes on only to discover that you don't qualify and you get ZIP!

They pay via Paypal, so you will need a Paypal account set up. However, there are no tax papers to fiddle with. They pay every Friday night like clockwork, no matter what your balance is. I made $7.51 my first week and that only included three days and about 15 mintues.

You will not make a million like this, but it is a great way to make a little on the side.

Speaking of "on the side", I have a YouData Adget on the right side of my page where you can log in to view your ads anytime, after setting up your account. You can designate some funds to stay at this site, or gobble it all up for yourself. Either way, you should definitely check it out!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Check Out This Giveaway!

Stretching A Buck is hosting a giveaway! The prize? A $25 KROGER gift card!!!

Why am I so excited? Um, have you read my posts about Glade moneymaking, Febreze moneymaking, or my beautiful NEW KROGER (Yes, I have an obsession!)?

You can enter the givaway here! I would say "Good Luck", but the honest truth is that I want to win...can I wish you "Bad Luck"? LOL!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

October 12 Coupons

Usually, the 2nd and 3rd week of the month are pretty slow as far as coupons go, but this Sunday's paper looks pretty good and corresponds well with some of next week's ads.

There will be 1 SmartSource, 1 Valassis, and 1 P&G Insert.

Good toiletry, cleaning, and foods coupons. You should definitely get at least two...

But the 55 cents off 8 ct. POP-TART's coupon will probably make me get several! It will DOUBLE @ Kroger and TRIPLE @ Brookshire's, locally anyway.

I know they are $1.85 @ Kroger right now, so I can handle 75 cents a box!

Check out the full coupon preview at Taylortown or The Coupon Clippers.

New Feature on

If you haven't started integrating Shortcuts into your couponing venture, you are missing out. These coupons load to your Kroger card and come off automatically with no clipping!

They have a new "Meal Deal" feature that packages some coupons together for what they call "Pasta Night Meal Deal" and "Betty's Birthday Deal". You do have to add these to your card as a package, but you do NOT have to use them all at once. All the name-brand coupons have manufacturer's coupon to matchup, and there are a few store-brand coupons, which is kind of rare.

Keep this in mind: You can only have 20 TOTAL coupons on your shopper's card, between all sites. You cannot delete any coupons--the only way to make them go away is to use them.

Thanks to savingsmakescents for the heads up!

Walgreens October 8th--Operation Christmas Child

Our church hosts a Samaritan's Purse ministry program called "Operation Christams Child" where you fill a shoebox or plastic container with items (toiletries, toys, school supplies, candy) for a little boy or girl in a more deprived area of the world. This program holds a special place in my heart. The first time I did it was 2006. I included notes to the children whose boxes I prepared. Six months later, I received a letter from a little boy in India named Ajay. We've been corresponding ever since, and he is just so sweet!

My Walgreens trip yesterday was for some of the items that will go into shoeoxes for this year's program:

2 Crest Toothpastes
$1.99 sale price
used (2) $1 EasySaver coupons
used (2) $1 MQ's from 9/28 P&G insert

3 Oral-B Indicator Toothbrushes
$1.99 sale price
used (3) $1 EasySaver coupons
used (3) 75 cents off MQ's from 9/28 P&G insert
2 Glade Candles
$1.99 sale price
used (2) $1 MQ's from 9/14 SS insert
will get back $2 in EasySaver rebates

I also got some candy bars because I wanted to pay with a $4.50 RR, but basically I got FREE toothpaste, 24 cent toothbrushes, FREE candles, and CHOCOLATE for $1.18.

CVS October 8th--Great Mascara Deal!

I think I'm done with CVS for the week. I've sucked this sale dry...

L'Oreal Makeup is "B1G1 50% off". This past Sunday's paper had a coupon for $5 off L'Oreal Bare Naturale mascara. It is priced at $9.99.

Here's the scenario I worked out to get mine for $1.34:

1 Herbal Essences Conditioner
$2.88 Sale Price
used $2 Manufacturer's Coupon from 9/7 RP
no ECB's earned

1 CVS Soap
99 cents
no coupon
earns $1 ECB

4 Fuze Drinks
$1.69 each
used (2) B1G1 Free coupons from local gas station tearpad
earns $2 ECB's

2 L'Oreal Bare Natural Mascara
$9.99 (B1G1 50% off)
Used (2) $5 MQ's from 10/05 RP
no ECB's earned

Use $5/$25 purchase coupon.
Used $4.98 ECB's.

Paid $1.34 OOP.
Earned $3 ECB's.

More Glade Moneymaking @ Kroger

Last month, my big moneymaker was the Glade Scented Gel Warmer.

This month, it will be the Glade Scented Oil Warmer.

Buy ONE Scented Oil Warmer, get $4 OYNO order coupon. There are several varieties of Scented Oil Warmers, including more expensive nightlight and fan versions. This scenario works best with the plain version.

Here's what your transaction will look like:

Buy (2) Scented Oil Warmers--$4.49 each
Use a B1G1 Free Coupon (from 9/28 SS or 10/7 Woman's Day Magazine)
Total OOP: $4.49

Total OYNO Coupons: $8
Profit: $3.51

This promotion is unlimited and lasts until November 2nd. Happy Moneymaking!

Febreze Money Maker @ Kroger

I'm sure you've checked out the PGEsaver coupons by now, right? Right!?!

Amidst the awesome coupons that load directly to your Kroger card, you will find "$5 off any Febreze Noticables Starter Kit." If you got the P&G insert in the September 28th paper, you have a paper coupon that states the same thing.

You can use them together! The Febreze Noticables run from $6.99 to $7.49, so you will profit $2.51-$3.01. I had to hunt for the $6.99 one--it was on a holiday display, not inline with the other air fresheners.

Be sure to purchase some other items to eat up your overage, as you cannot get money back from the transaction.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kroger October 8-14

If you're new to couponing, click here.

If you're new to shopping at Kroger, read this.

Besides having a fancy-schmancy new store by me, Kroger is having a great sale this week:

1% or Skim Milk

2% or Whole Milk

Orange Juice, Gallon

Yoplait Yogurt
.40/6 on (combine that with a MQ!)
$ 1/4 of the "Light" variety printable
.50/6 printable
$1/8 printable
.40/6 from 9/7 or 10/5 RP
***If you buy 20, you should get a coupon for $2 OYNO.***

Pillsbury GRANDS! or Golden Layers Biscuits
Load the .50 coupon from (Combine with MQ!)
Use .30/2 MQ from 10/5 SS insert

Birds Eye Vegetables, 9-12 oz.
$1/3 from September All You

Hot, Lean, or Croissant Pocket
.50 coupon from 9/28 RP insert

Lean Cuisine
$1.50/3 printable coupon

Sanderson Farm Split Breast Chicken, Family Pack
97 cents per pound

Boneless Pork Loin
$1.97 per pound

Pillsbury Sweet Rolls
.35 coupons here and here
.35/1 or $1/3 from 10/5 SS

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
Load .50 coupon from (This is packaged with the Pasta Night Meal Deal and can be combined with a MQ)
Use .35 coupon from widget to the right
Use .25 cents/1 or $1/2 coupons from 10/05 SS

Suave Shampoo or Conditioner
Use .75/2 or $1/2 coupons from 9/21 RP insert

Pantene Shampoo, Conditioner, or Styler
Load B1G1 Free coupon from PGEsaver for FREE Styler (Combine with MQ!)
Use $1/1 coupon from 9/28 P&G insert

Crest Toothpaste
Load $1 coupon at PGEsaver (Combine with MQ!)
Use $1 coupon from 9/28 P&G insert

Russet Potatoes, 10 lb. bag

Bulk Onions, Yellow, White, or Red
.78 per pound

Golden Delicious or Rome Apples, 3 lb. bag

Be sure to work some Glade & Febreze moneymaking in while you're there!

If You Build it, They Will Come

There was an old empty Jitney Premier on the corner, but construction crews have been hard at work.

I've anticipated this day for quite some time.

It was written on the calendar--even my boys were looking forward to it.

At 7am, a brand new KROGER opened 1.2 miles from my house! Yippie-ki-yay!

It's got an awesome selection of meat, produce, dairy, deli, organic, and more! They had samples. There was an overabundance of employees. All the cash registers were new and shiny. It was like a crazy couponing dream...

It's only been 5 hours since I left, and I'm twitching to go back!

Brookshire's October 8-14

As part of The Grocery Gathering at BeCentsable, I report on the Brookshire's weekly ad.

You will need a Brookshire's "Thank You" Card for most sale prices.

My region is still TRIPLING coupons up to and including 60 cents. They will only triple the first coupon, all others will be redeemed at face value. Check with your store for their current coupon policy.

Spend $10 on participating store brand items, you get a coupon for $1 off a future purchase, including at the gas pump.

There is a coupon on page 4 for $3 off 2 Adult Tylenol Products in one transaction. This is a manufacturer's coupon, so you may be able to use it elsewhere.

Brookshire's is boasting a "Moonlight Madness" sale on Thursday from 4pm to 10 pm. Unlike the usual Moonlight Madness, there are no coupons for this event. I only see four items listed on the ad:

Brookshire's Buns (Hamburger or Hot Dog), 8 ct.
77 cents

Gladiola Cornbread Mix
37 cents

Food Club Tomatoes, 14.5 -15 oz can
50 cents

Powerade, 32 oz.
50 cents
(Check your local gas stations for coupons inside the cooler.--Thanks Tena!)

They are also having a 3-day meat sale on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only. Only a couple things worth mentioning:

John Morrell Sliced Bacon, 12 oz.

John Morrell Pork Tenderloin
$2.99 per lb.

Here are the deals for the whole week with coupon matchups:

General Mills Cereal
Selected Varieties include:
Honey Nut Cheerios 12.25 oz.
Cinnamon Toast Crunch 12.8 oz.
Cookie Crisp 11.25 oz.
Lucky Charms 11.5 oz.
Cocoa Puffs 11.8 oz.
Cocoa Puffs Combos 11.7 oz.
Coupon Matchups:
$1/2 from widget on the right
$1/3 from 9/7 & 10/5 SS

Hall's Cough Drops, 30 ct.
35 cents off from September All You Magazine

Pampers Wipes, 70-77 ct. tub
50 cents off coupon from 9/28 P&G insert

Oscar Mayer Weiners, 16 oz.

Yoplait Yogurt, 4-6 oz.
50 cents
40 cents/6 from 9/7 & 10/5 SS insert

Birds Eye Steamfresh Vegetables, 10-12 oz.
$1/3 from 9/7 SS insert
$1/3 from September All You Magazine

Baby Carrots, 2lb. bag

Sweet Potatoes
79 cents

Shout Laundry Stain Remover, 22oz.
75 cents/1 or $1/2 from 10/5 SS insert

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

20% off Entire Purchase at Big Lots!

I got a Big Lot's coupon for 20% off your ENTIRE purchase good now thru October 11th. Print this (not the image above)!

CVS October 7th

I did great at CVS today! Only $2.62 Out of Pocket for all this! And did you know that they have shampoo & conditioner specially formulated for long hair? I so qualify for that!

If you're new to couponing, read this.
For information on shopping CVS, click here.

Transaction #1

32 oz. Vitamin Water
no coupon
earns $2.29 ECB's (Limit 1)

5 Herbal Essences Shampoo/Conditioner
$2.88 each sale price
used (5) $2 off coupons from 9/7 RP Insert
no ECB's earned

Always Infinity Pads
$4.98 sale price
no coupon
earns $4.98 ECB's (Ad says Limit 1, it is actually Limit 2)

CVS Bar Soap
99 cents
no coupon
earns $1 ECB's (Limit 5)

CVS Vitamin D-400--100+20 Count
no coupon
earns $2.99 ECB's (Limit 1)

I used a $5/$25 purchase coupon and $9.86 in previously earned ECB's.

70 cents OOP.

I wasn't planning on doing a second transaction right away, but my receipt gave me some coupons that worked out great for a pack of diapers.

Transaction #2

Always Infinity Pads
$4.98 sale price
no coupon
earns $4.98 ECB's (Ad says Limit 1, it is actually Limit 2)

Playskool Wipes 80 ct.
no coupon
no ECB's earned

Playskool Wipes 160 ct.
no coupon--Thought I had a $2 Q, but it was expired:(
(There is a peelie on this for $1 off any Playskool diapers!)
no ECB's earned

Playskool Diapers 52 ct.
used $2 coupon (I printed mine quite a while ago, but there was one in the 9/21 RP Insert)
no ECB's earned

Used a $5/$25 purchase coupon
Used a $4/$20 of Playskool products
Used $14.26 ECB's

Paid $1.92 OOP
(See how GREAT this scenario would've been except for that stinkin' expired coupon!)

I have $4.98 ECB's left.

You Had Me At "Kroger"

Do you remember the little jingle "Let's go Krogering, the better way to shop!"

Moving on...Kroger is my favorite grocery store.

You do need a membership card to get most deals and sale prices. Sign up at the customer service desk for free and get a card instantly.

While you're there, ask about your store's coupon policies. Every region is different--very different--so ask these questions:

Do you double or triple coupons? If so, to what maximum amount?
How many of the same coupon will be doubled or tripled?
Do you accept internet printable coupons?
Can I combine store coupons and manufacturer’s coupons?
Do you have a coupon limit per transaction or per day?
Who do I contact if I have a problem using coupons in-store?

Shopping at Kroger is pretty basic, but saving at Kroger takes a little planning.

1)There are three "e-coupon" programs that offer coupons you can load to your Kroger card. These savings come off automatically at the register as long as you have purchased the CORRECT qualifying item. Check them out:
2) Register your Kroger card at Kroger's Website so they can mail you store coupons.

3) Buy an Entertainment Book to save even more. I have $5 off $75 purchases every month and one $5 off $50 purchase.

4) Kroger gives out catalina coupons from a separate machine at the register. These may seem random, but they are sparked by your purchases that are kept track of on your Kroger card. Some of these coupons will be for dollars off your next purchase, to be used just like Kroger cash. You can find out what the current catalina deals are offered at the forum sites discussed here.

Different Regions run different ads and at different intervals. Find a local blogger who tells you about your Kroger deals. I am central Mississippi, in Kroger's Southeast Region.

I worked at Kroger for about 6 weeks when I was sixteen. Got paid $4.85 an hour. If I work my deals right, they'll still pay me that much now! :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Walgreens, O Walgreens, Why Art Thou So Complicated?

Walgreens offers a program called “Register Rewards” (“RR’s”). These "RR's" are like Walgreens cash toward your next purchase. They print out of a separate machine at the register, not on your receipt. Things you need to know about Register Rewards:

1)There are limitations per transaction.

2) Because they do not have a membership card to track it, there is no limit to how many transactions you can do to earn Register Rewards.

3) Do not use "like" Register Rewards to pay for an item that earns Register Rewards. Meaning, don't use a Register Reward you received for buying Colgate toothpaste to buy another Colgate toothpaste. Register Rewards will not print for the new item. You can use a Colgate Register Reward to pay for a completely unrelated product, like Infant Formula and go back and forth. This does get a little tricky.

4) You can use a manufacturer’s coupon on an item that earns a Register Reward, sometimes even creating a profit.


Buy item X for $4.49
Use 75 cent Manufacturer’s Coupon
Earn $4.49 Register Reward
Profit: 75 Cents

Walgreens also has "in-ad" coupons, well, in the ad! These have to be scanned in order to get that price! They are not simply advertising a sale price.

You can get a coupon booklet at the pharmacy for asking about their Prescription Savings Club.

Walgreens occasionally releases coupons for dollars off a minimum purchase, like $5 off $20. Their policy states that your purchase must be at least $20 AFTER all coupons--including Register Rewards.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Don't Forget About RiteAid!

RiteAid has a message for you: “I have good deals, too!”

Yes, RiteAid is often overlooked. And I must admit, it’s not my favorite. I don’t have one near to my house, so I only go for FREEBIES and the absolute best deals.

To RiteAid’s credit, it is very easy to do. There is no shopper’s card, no in-store cash. There is only one program at RiteAid: Single Check Rebate also known as SCR.

The monthly Single Check Rebate booklet is available in-store by the weekly ad--get both.

Some rebates are good for the whole month, but some are only good on a specific week of the month. Just be sure to read all the fine print including limits.

Once you purchase a qualifying item, go to RiteAid’s Single Check Rebate website. Submit your receipt information, but do not request your check yet. Wait until the end of the month or when you are absolutely certain that you will not purchase any more items that qualify. They will only process one check (like the name insinuates).

You will receive your check in less than six weeks. It is not a store coupon, it is an actual check to be deposited or cashed at the bank.

You can use a manufacturer’s coupon on a Single Check Rebate item to net a profit.


Buy L’Oreal Cleanser for $5.99
Use $1 off coupon
Receive $5.99 SCR
Profit: $1

Sometimes, there are package deal with the Single Check Rebate program, like buy $25 worth of Proctor & Gamble Items, get $10 back. These will most likely have to be purchased in one transaction. Again, read the fine print.

RiteAid does have store coupons in the ad, and you can receive some printable store coupons by signing up for their e-mail. These are usually for their store brand items, though.

RiteAid may not become your new favorite place, but it might be worth a trip every now & then.

CVS Basic Training

CVSing: verb, 1) The act of legally robbing your local drugstore. 2) Getting paid to shop for toiletries, baby items, and, occasionally, groceries. 3) Successfully executing a shopping list as an Army infantry unit would execute a battle plan.

CVS is a haven for couponers, an oasis, the calm in the storm. If you are a beginner, CVS is the best drugstore to begin with. You will quickly see the returns on your investment.

The first thing you need to do is get a CVS shopper’s membership card called an “ExtraCare Card”. This little piece of red plastic is worth far more than its weight in gold. Sign up is free and easy. Just fill out a short application and turn in at the front counter. You will receive a card immediately.
Second, pick up a weekly ad and a monthly “Value Book”, which should be sitting right next to the ads at the front of the store.

Third, go home. You need to strategize. Do not be tempted by all the savings--go home, or at least somewhere you can sit and think while examining your "textbooks".

CVS rewards certain purchases with “ExtraCare Bucks,” more commonly known in the coupon world as “ECB’s”. ECB’s print at the bottom of your receipt and work like cash at CVS. There are weekly offers in the weekly ad and monthly offers in the monthly value book. Sometimes an item will net $1 or $2 ECB’s, and sometimes you will receive an ECB for the entire price of the product.

You can actually make a profit by using coupons and then receiving an ECB for more than you paid.

Here’s an example:

X item is on sale for $5.99
You use a manufacturer’s coupon for $2 off
You get an ECB for $4.99 for purchasing X item
You paid $3.99 out of pocket
You now have $4.99 ECB’s to spend at CVS
Profit: $1

There are limits to how many ECB’s you can earn per item. Items that are considered FREE after ECB’s usually have a limit of 1.

ECB’s are specific to your ExtraCare Card. You cannot trade them, use someone else’s ECB’s, and use one you found in a buggy.

ECB’s can be used to purchase other items that qualify for ECB’s. This is referred to as “rolling your ECB’s”. Once you have a decent amount of ECB’s built up, which you can do very quickly, you can shop with very little money out of pocket. ECB’s do have expiration dates, so don’t hold onto them for too long without rolling them over.

Quick note on the monthly deals: Don't run out and buy everything with ECB's. At some point during the month, those items will possibly be on sale or a coupon may come in the newspaper the next week. When you get your weekly ad, check for advertised sales that correspond with monthly ECB items.

CVS is very generous with store coupons that print at the bottom of your receipt as well (or at the Magic Coupon Machine, which my stores finally have! :D). There are item-specific coupons, like $3 off CVS brand vitamins. And there are dollars off a minimum purchase coupons, like $5 off $25. Unless otherwise stated, these can be combined with each other and with a manufacturer’s coupon. Like ECB’s, they are specific to your ExtraCare Card.

Example #1:
Buy X item for $4.99
Use $1 manufacturer’s coupon
Use $1 CVS coupon
Pay $2.99

Example #2:

Buy X item for $12.99
Use $2 off $10 CVS Purchase
Use $2 Manufacturer coupon
Pay $8.99
Example #3:
Buy X item for $15.99
Use $3 off $15 CVS coupon
Use $2 off CVS coupon for item X
Use $3 off manufacturer's coupon for item X
Pay $7.99

This is where the strategizing comes into play. Let’s say you have a $3/$15 coupon and $5 in ECB’s. Your goal is to comes as close to the $15 mark pre-tax without going under before all coupons. When you check out, give the cashier the $3/$15 coupon FIRST! Now your total is $12. Then give them all your manufacturer’s coupons, let‘s just say $4 worth. You now owe $8. Then give them your ECB. Your total out of pocket is $3 for $15 worth of merchandise. If you use an ECB larger than your final total, you lose the difference--You will not get cash back or an ECB back for the difference.

Sometimes you may need a “Filler”. This is a free or nearly free item that will do one of two things for you:

1) It may help you reach your minimum subtotal without really affecting your out of pocket.

Example: Item X is on sale for $1, and you have a coupon for $1 off. The $1 price will count towards your minimum purchase amount for a $ off $$ coupon, but it will be FREE after you give them your coupons.
2) It may up your total enough to use a larger ECB without losing part of it.

Example: Your after coupon total is $2.59 and you only have ECB’s for $3 or more. Grab a candy bar to fill in the difference--it’s okay, you deserve a treat for all your hard work!

You have now been through CVS Basic Training! Let me know if you have any questions, I’d be happy to help you on your quest!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

My Coupon Organizer

This is my Coupon Organizer:
It has an expandable file on the front for my ads.
It has pockets inside.
It has 25 pages with two pockets per page.
Each pocket is labelled on the left.
I have some regular sized sheet protectors for Dining, Entertainment, and Retail Store coupons.
I put the coupons behind the labelled page.

I also have pages for Rebates Offers and Rebates Pending.

Thanks to everybody who entered my giveaway! I greatly appreciate all the positive feedback!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Couponing: I'm New...What Do I DO?

Close your eyes. NO, that won't work... Okay, imagine you're in a classroom. It's your first day in this classroom. There's a teacher you've never met, students all around watching you, and you have a test on your desk. A long test. A long calculus test. Go!

This is what using coupons can feel like when you're starting out. Sure, you may save a buck or two, just like you may have gotten one or two questions on the test right. In order to do well, you need to study. The following are some things that will help you prepare for using coupons effectively and to your benefit.

Finding Coupons:

The Newspaper

The most common resource is the Sunday newspaper. Please do not be discouraged if you got a paper one week and found only five coupons. There is a cycle, a method to the madness. The first Sunday of the month is usually your best bet for a large amount of coupons.

There are a few different kinds of inserts:

Red Plum (formerly known as Valassis)
Proctor & Gamble (Released once a month)
Specific Store Insert, such as Dollar General

Keep every coupon, even if you don't think you'll buy the item. I thought I would never purchase Glade Air Freshener products. Then, I made a profit of $18.51 just for doing so.

In Stores/On Products

Next time you're shopping, look out for coupons. They may be on a stack or tearpad. They may be in little machines with blinking lights. They may be on the products themselves.


All You is the best magazine for finding coupons, and it is only available at Wal-Mart or through a subscription. Woman's World and Woman's Day usually have a few as well.

The Internet

Being able to print coupons at home on my computer is like printing my own money. The downside--not all stores accept Internet coupons.

Biggest Rookie Mistake: Printing every single coupon you can. Doing this will waste your ink (and that's not very frugal), and most coupons have quantity limitations. If you print off everything right now, you won't have access to that great coupon when a sale comes up. Be honest with yourself and selective of what you print.

Coupon Distributor Websites

There are websites that collect the coupons from the newspaper and distribute them by charging a "handling fee". They do not sell the coupons, per say, but their services in clipping, sorting, and mailing the coupons.

This comes in very handy when you want multiples of one coupon or when you live in a region (like me) that doesn't get some of the great coupons that other regions get.

I recommend The Coupon Clippers. They have good prices, good in-stock quantities, and are fast and reliable. There is a 50 cent Admin Fee per order, a shipping charge, and a handling fee per coupon.

However, I wouldn't recommend running out and placing a huge order until you've started using coupons frequently and have a decent understanding of working the system.

Snail Mail/E-Mail

If there's a particular product you like, go to the manufacturer's website. Sign up for their e-mails or newsletters. Send them an e-mail telling them that you like their product. Many times, they will respond with coupons.

Before you do this, sign up for a free e-mail account at yahoo! or hotmail and have all these e-mails go to that address. Your inbox fills up fast, and you don't want to bog down your personal e-mail address.

Beware of giving out your phone number. Only release it to reputable companies and when absolutely necessary.

Knowing the Language:

Use $1/2 from 9/7 RP, get $4 OYNO Cat

Does that look Greek to you?

Here's a list of translations for when I start speaking in couponese:

MQ or MC=Manufacturer's Coupon
IP=Internet Printable
MIR=Mail-In Rebate
FAR=Free After Rebate
OYNO=On Your Next Order
Cats or Catalinas=These are coupons that print out of a machine near the cash register when you make a purchase
B1G1=Buy One Get One (Usually refers to Buy One Get One Free, but not always)
Peelies=Coupons on packages in-store
Blinkies=Coupons from a little box with a blinking light in-store
Tearpad=Coupons in stacks in-store
$X/X=Dollars off a minimum quantity (Example: $1/2=One Dollar off Two items)
WYB="When You Buy", as in "Get crackers free WYB cheese"
OOP=Out Of Pocket, what you actually pay
Stacking=This is when you use more than coupon for an item, like a store coupon with a manufacturer's coupon or a $ off coupon with a Buy One Get One Free coupon.
RP=Red Plum Insert from Sunday Paper
SS=SmartSource Insert from Sunday Paper
P&G=Proctor & Gamble Insert from Sunday Paper

When referencing the above inserts, you will usually see a date before the abbreviation. This tells you what newspaper the insert came from.

Knowing Your Store's Policy:

These are the questions you want answered:

Does your coupon policy vary by store or is it a corporate policy?
Do you double or triple coupons? If so, to what maximum amount?
How many of the same coupon will be doubled or tripled?
Do you accept Internet printable coupons?
Can I combine store coupons and manufacturer’s coupons?
Do you have a coupon limit per transaction or per day?
Who do I contact if I have a problem using coupons in-store?

Finding the Deals:

You've already taken the first step by reading blogs about couponing, frugal living, etc.!

Forums are a great place to find deals in your area or at specific stores. A Full Cup, Hot Coupon World, and Slick Deals are the most popular. These forum sites also have great tools like coupon databases and coupon generators.

If you are short on time, you may want to try The Grocery Game. My region varied too much for it to be worth the expense, and I have more time to research than working mothers. It was definitely worth the $1 trial though--I did learn a lot from the process.

Using the Coupons:

Here's the big secret: combine coupons with sale prices and purchases that earn you rewards. That's it! Sounds easy, right?

In the blogosphere, we call it "Stockpiling". When an item is at it's lowest price and you have coupons for it, stock up. That means you won't need it when it's full price.

Final Words of Advice:

Don't feel like you have to run out and do every deal you see or use every coupon you have before it expires. There will always be another deal and more coupons--companies need our business too much!

As much as I will use coupons to my advantage, I will not purposefully deceive a merchant or participate in illegal activity. We must maintain our ethical and moral boundaries.

Be nice & considerate! Don't use the "express lane" with 20 coupons. Be friendly with employees and other customers. Even if you encounter problems, which at some point you will, be respectful.

Coupon Preview for October 5

You can see the full coupon preview @ Taylortown or The Coupon Clippers (Click on Tracker, then click on each insert individually).

Here are some that I'm excited about:

$1 off Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta

Schick Quattro for Women Razor or Refill (Walgreens has $4 off the 8-pack refills in their EasySaver Catalog--Do I smell a sale coming soon?)

45 cents off Fleischman's Yeast Strip or Jar

50 cents off Betty Crocker Warm Delights (Read about my obsession here.)

Tons more for Campbell's, Pillsbury, Yogurts, Green Giant Vegetables, and medicines. Buy several papers this week!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

*UPDATED w/NEW COUPON* Walgreens $5/$20 Coupon with Scenario

Walgreens has released a new $5 off a $20 purchase coupon. Unlike some other stores (that rhyme with TBS, Ahem), your total has to be $20 after all other coupons and offers. With that said, there are still great offers to be had! Possibly the greatest thing about this scenario is that all coupons are either printed or from this past Sunday's (9/28) paper! So if you're new, you can totally do this!

Here's my best scenario:

Buy 3 Children's Tylenol (4 oz.) for $4.99x3=$14.97
Use $1.50 EasySaver Catalog Coupon on Page 23x3=$4.50 off
Use this coupon for $5 off three--Scroll up to the first post and open/save the PDF file, then print! (Thanks so much to Gina @ ThrifteeMomee!)
***Earns $7 Register Rewards!***($5 was advertised, $2 are a mystery)

Buy Oral-B CrossAction Tootbrush for $4.49
Use 75 cents off any Oral-B Manual Toothbrush from 9/28 P&G Insert
***Earns $4.49 Register Rewards!***

Buy Gillette Fusion Razor for $8.99
Use $4 off coupon from 9/28 P&G Insert
***Earns $4 Register Rewards!***

Buy 3 SoftSoap Body Washes (18 oz.) for $3.49 Eachx3=$10.47
Use EasySaver Catalog Coupon on page 14x3=$3 off
***Earns $5 Register Rewards!***

Total: $21.67
Minus your $5 Walgreens coupon=$16.67 plus tax
Register Rewards Earned: $20.49

You now have more than enough Register Rewards to buy all three "Free after Rebate" items for the month!

Huge PROFITS with this scenario!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Money for you, Money for me!

I just noticed (with a little help from Dana @ Frugal in Virginia) that they've added new coupons to my widget on the right. You can print these coupon twice per computer.

Most notably, there is a Buy One Get One Free for the Glade Scented Gel Warmer! Find out how to make a profit with this coupon here.

There is a $1 off Muir Glen canned tomatoes, which you can find from $1.19 for the tomato paste.

There is $1 off Valley Fresh Steamers by Green Giant. These are $1.27 at Wal-Mart, less on sale at other stores occasionally.

For me, I like the 55 cents off Betty Crocker Frosting--it's so yummy, just give me a spoon! LOL!

Yes, I do make a small tiny profit for your printing. So, thanks!

Brookshire's October 1st-7th

As part of The Grocery Gathering at BeCentsable, I report on the Brookshire's weekly ad.

Brookshire's is keeping me happy for another week with TRIPLE coupons up to and including 60 cents. They will only TRIPLE one of each type of coupon, all others will be redeemed at face value. (This offer is regional, check your store's ad.)

You do need a Brookshire's "Thank You" card for most sale prices.

There are three package deals this week:

1) Buy 10 Knorr/Lipton Sides @ just $1 each, get a FREE Rotisserie Chicken. Offer valid between 10AM and 8PM from October 1st to October 7th. One offer per transaction. There was a coupon for 75 cents off 2 of the Knorr/Lipton Sides in the 8/17 Red Plum Insert. If you have 5 of the coupons you will pay $6.25 for 10 sides and a rotisserie chicken! Check out this video post by The Centsible Sawyer for ideas on what to do with your rotisserie chicken (besides the obvious...).

2) There is a "Pick Five! Meat Sale" for $19.95. You pick five of the listed meat items and get each one for less than $4 each. Sounds like it could be good, but most of the items listed do not have quantities. You must purchase five of the specially marked "Pick me" packages, while supplies last.

Bottom Round Steak
Beef Cutlets
Premium Ground Beef
Fresh Pork Neckbones
Chicken Breast Tenders (This one interests me.)
Boneless Pork Chops (And this one.)
Catfish Nuggets (This one, too--I am in Mississippi!)
Jennie-O Jumbo Turkey Franks
Smoked Ham Hocks
Bar-S Corn Dogs
Bar-S Smoked Sausage
Smithfield Bacon
Bar-S Bologna
Earl Campbell's Hot Link
Pork Steak
Country Style Pork Ribs

3) Get $1 off "Food Club" oil when you buy any three participating Betty Crocker items. The picture shows cake mix and muffin mix. All items must be purchsed in one transaction and one offer per transaction.

Here are the coupon match-ups and best deals:

Pictsweet Frozen Vegetables (14-16 oz package)
89 cents

Afrin Nasal Spray (.5 oz. Box)
Use this coupon for $1 off

Garnier Fructis Hair Care Products (5 oz. to 13 oz.)
Several $1 coupons from 5/4, 6/22, 8/24, 9/14 Red Plum Inserts, or 7/20 SmartSource Insert

Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion
55 cents off any or $1.50 off the "Men's" version from the 9/7 Red Plum Insert

Glade Air Freshener
99 cents
Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupon from 9/14 SmartSource
$1 off from Fun & Family Magazine

C&H Sugar (4 lb.bag)
Use 30 cents off coupon from October Woman's Day Magazine

Betty Crocker Fruit Flavored Shapes (Scooby-doo, Carebears, or Batman)
Use 50 cents off 2 from 8/10 SmartSource Insert (EXPIRES 10/4!)

Yoplait Yo-Plus Yogurt 4-pack
Use $1 off coupon from the widget on the right

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
Use 25 cents off coupon from 9/7 SmartSource Insert, 35 cents off from 7/13 SmartSource Insert (EXPIRES 10/4!), or 35 cents off printable from the widget on the right

Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls
Use 30 cents off from 7/13 SmartSource Insert (EXPIRES 10/4!), 8/10 SmartSource Insert, 9/7 SmartSource Insert, or 35 cents off printable from the widget on the right

Betty Crocker Fudge Brownie Mix
99 cents

Sweet Potatoes
79 cents a pound

Mild Yellow Onions
$2 for 3 pound bag

Big sale on Paws Premium Pet items, most items 25% off

There are lots of "Food Club" (their store brand) items on sale. You can get better deals if you've got good coupons for TRIPLING. However, if you spend $10 on participating store brand items, you get a coupon for $1 off a future purchase, including at the gas pump.

Ronzoni Bistro

You're probably looking at your coupons from this past Sunday and thinking, "That Ronzoni Bistro looks pretty good, especially at $1 off!" You're right. It does look good. Looks can be deceiving...

I won all four varieties from Coupon Cravings, which I was so incredibly excited about. With three very young children, it seemed like the perfect idea--a warm, homey meal ready in 90 seconds!

First, I made the Penne with Chicken & Broccoli. I took a bite. With instinctive repulsiveness, I shoved it at my husband. After eating all the rest, he says, "Tastes like cat food." And, yet, he ate it all.

I sent the Linguine with Chicken & Mushrooms with him to work a few days later. When I queried whether he'd eaten it and how it tasted, he responded that it tasted just like the other one. And, yet, he ate it all.

I fixed the Rotini with Tomato & Basil for my youngest son, who loves pasta. After one spoonful, he asked for some mac & cheese.

The lone Spaghetti & Meatballs sits in my pantry, not knowing its fate. Should I spring it on an unsuspecting houseguest? Include it in a new neighbor's gift basket? "How to win friends & influence people" in 2008...

Basically, the noodles were gummy, the sauces were poor in flavor, and the meat was scarce. I suggest saving your $2.59 (after coupon!) for something else.

But I would like to thank Erin @ Coupon Cravings for the adventure! She has a GREAT blog and I'm a big fan!