Monday, February 23, 2009

My CVS Nightmare

I think every serious CVSer has one.

The Grumpy Cashier.

The Grumpy Cashier is very critical of our savings. They scour over each and every coupon and they argue when ECB's don't print properly. There is eye-rolling, huffing & puffing, and calls to the manager "just to check" if what we're doing is legal.

Well, My Grumpy Cashier went above and beyond.

I thought I had lost my ExtraCare card this week. I used my phone number to continue shopping. After a little research into my receipt, I discovered that the last store I used it at was at the intersection of Pear Orchard and County Line Road--the location of My Grumpy Cashier. Also, there was activity on my receipt reflecting ExtraCare qualifying purchases that I had not made. I made it to the store yesterday, only to find My Grumpy Cashier. I asked her if they had a place where they kept found cards. She asked my name. When I told her, she said, "Oh yeah, I've been swiping it for other customers." WHAT!?!

Okay, at first glance, this doesn't seem like a big deal. It saves someone else some money and earns me quarterly spending. However, that means that other people are fulfilling offers and making them no longer available for me. And more importantly, they are getting coupons intended for me! Like the $5 off $25 purchase coupon that I love so much!

To make matters worse, My Grumpy Cashier could no longer find the card. She said, "You'll just have to use your phone number from now on." Thanks for the tip.

I made a very small purchase yesterday, including the 2-pack Extreme Energy drinks. I was misinformed that this was not part of the monthly deal, but it was. I had already fulfilled the monthly limit, so no ECB printed. I asked for a return. Since I paid with ECB's, the return had to be processed as a CVS "Money Card" which is just like a gift card. I could tell this bothered My Grumpy Cashier greatly. She even tried to just give me back my ECB's, but I questioned whether they wouldn't work now that she had scanned them.

I tried to call 1-800-SHOP-CVS to get a reissued card, but they were closed on Sunday. I called today and there was no record of my card using my phone number or my name.

Yes, you read that right--no record. No record of a customer who is there multiple times per week and has saved almost $1000 this year.

I was just checking my balances at on Saturday night, so I logged in while talking to the customer service rep. I find my card number and give it to her. She tells me that it's been closed due to "irregular activity".

I firmly believe that My Grumpy Cashier had something to do with this...

They can issue me a new card and transfer my quarterly spending balance. I ask her about my $20 in ECB's and she says it's at the discretion of the store. I tell her that my store apparently has no discretion or else I wouldn't be having this problem. I ask to speak to a supervisor. He finds my old card history and I give the identifying numbers of the ECB's that I have on hand. He said he was attaching a $20 ECB to the new account and it should print within 48 hours. I then spoke to the CSR again to get everything set up.

I am reaffirmed in my loyalty to CVS as a company. Yes, I had to go "up a level", but I was taken care of (pending the arrival of the new card and the printing of my $20 ECB, of course).

Now, I'm sure I could never prove that My Grumpy Cashier had anything to do with this. But it is just too coincidental.

My first thought was, "I will never go back to that store." My second thought was contradictory: I will return as soon as I have my new card in hand. And I hope that My Grumpy Cashier is working that day. I will be kind and smile. And I will continue to CVS.

I learned two things from this experience:

1. Never underestimate the power of The Grumpy Cashier.

2. Never leave your ExtraCare card in someone else's hands.

On a positive note, whoever used my card for their purchases obviously wasn't one of us and they (randomly) partially qualified for some ECB offers. I was able to fulfill the rest of the requirements and get the ECB's making a small profit! A little silver lining. :D

Update: I did receive my new card and the $20 ECB. Thank you CVS!


Tosha said...

what an ordeal! Glad you got it taken are of though

winstead family said...

wow. reading that was like reading GREEK! ha! you are so smart brie!

Gator Mommy said...

Wow girl! Those grumpy cashiers drive me nuts (and I don't even do CVS or wags- Kroger is bad enough). I am glad you got it fixed.

Tberri said...

Ahhh... the joy of checking out with the grupmy cashier! I have had my share of them. Way to follow through and get what was yours!!! Bravo!

amy99s said...

Good for you for pursuing the ECB that were yours and new card. What a ^%$@* !!! I just can't understand why cashiers are like that. I love the ones that congratulate me and go to those stores as often as I can. Its not like its THEIR money and the store is getting the money for those coupons so I just don't get it. I think its all jealousy!!!!

BTW, I made the mistake on teh energy drink too... read that it was a new deal and bought another one and didn't get the ECB. I didn't even bother returning it even though I should have. I have a TON of ECB so its not THAT big of a deal. Someone said they called CS and they are printing the $4.99 to their card within 24 hours. Maybe I will call too!!!

Hopefulone said...

Wow! Just when you think you can't be amazed...
Sorry you have to deal with a grumpy cashier! Good job on seeing the silver lining:)

Have you noticed yet that I gave you an award? I left a comment a couple of days ago...

Christy said...

You didn't give up! That sounded like gorilla warfare! Way to win the battle!