Sunday, January 4, 2009


Do you keep reading about this "REDBOX" and wonder what-in-blogland we're talking about?

Wonder no more! Here is the lowdown:

REDBOX is a DVD rental machine. That's right--machine. No grouchy teenage cashiers, no making laps around a video store looking for the category your movie is in this week.

All of the REDBOX's in my area are at Wal-Mart. In other states, they may also be at Walgreens. Check for your nearest location here.

REDBOX offers movies for $1 per night per DVD plus local tax. Way better than $4.29 plus late fees if you keep it more than one night!

In all of their generosity, REDBOX occasionally provides promo codes for a FREE night's rental. You can get a FREE code by signing up for e-mails.

On Mondays, REDBOX releases a promo code via text messaging.

These promo codes are good for one night only and they can be used once per credit/debit card. This means that you can rent multiple movies as long as you have multiple cards. You must process separate transactions. You can use two different debit cards for the same bank account as long as they have different numbers on the card.

The REDBOX will authorize $1 to your card. As long as you return the movie by 9PM the next day, the hold will release and there will be no charge. If you keep the movie longer, you pay just $1 per night after the first.

New movies usually release on Tuesday and sometimes on Friday.

At REDBOX's website, you can find out what movies are in-stock at your local machines and even hold a movie at the machine (you must pay online for this option).

Here are some of the current codes for REDBOX:

REDBOX (This one only works for first-timers)

Please let me know if you have a code I can add to the list or if one of these codes isn't working anymore!

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Frugal Maven said...

Thanks for the heads up on Redbox! I am loving them. One more way to save a little...
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