Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kroger Show & Tell (January 7th)

2 Cottonelle 4-pk Toilet Paper
99 cents Regular price
Used (2) .50 coupons doubled to .99
(Printed from widget on the right)
Used (1) .50 e-coupon

Kroger Value sliced cheese

2 bags of Kroger Chocolate Chips
***I thought these were $1.69, turns out they were just 84 cents!!!***
I went back for 6 more bags!
(This was at the Kroger at Hwy 80 & Crossgates Blvd in Brandon.)

Total OOP: $7.95
Total Saved: $9.28


Heather said...

Which Kroger is doubling your coupons? They would not double mine at the one on Lakeland and the one here by me in Brandon.

Mommy Managing said...

It depends on the coupon. Most say "Do Not Double or Triple". The Cottonelle one didn't say that. I was at the Kroger in Brandon/Pearl and it worked just fine. (I use the Uscan--the cashiers are usually trained better at the U-scan.)