Monday, January 26, 2009

Menu Plan: January 26th-Feb 2nd

Last week, I stuck to the plan every day except Sunday. I had forgotten about a meeting at church and one of our pastor's retirement reception right after.

Monday: Red Beans & Rice

Tuesday: Turkey Sandwiches (My Bebe Girl is having a procedure done in the morning (Please say a prayer for her!) and I don't know how long we'll be at the hospital or how she'll be feeling the rest of the day, so no cooking planned.)

Wednesday: DH Closing @ work + church=Taco Bell?

Thursday: Turkey Pot Pie

Friday: Pork Loin with Yams and Corn

Saturday: Buffalo Chicken Tenders with Roasted Red Potatoes


Hopefulone said...

I'd be interested in how you're managing the remodel construction zone? Hubby's been working on the kitchen for what seems like eons and I'm about to not manage it:) LOL!!

Hope all goes well for your little one.
Best Wishes:)

amber @ to save a penny said...

hi, what's happening with your baby girl? my baby girl (4 mos) got bronchiolitis last week and we had a nice little ER visit...scared me to death. i'll be praying for her and for you, i know how stressful this stuff can be!