Saturday, January 24, 2009

Brookshire's Show & Tell (January 23rd)

I didn't have all my coupons clipped and organized when I went Thursday for the Moonlight Madness sale, but I did it first thing Friday morning. That meant another trip to Brookshire's and I found lots more Pop-Tarts (My boys eat these every single morning, and, yes, I know, I'm a terrible mother for it).

Crisco Extra Virgin Olive Oil
$4.99 Sale Price
Used .55 off any Crisco product MQ tripled to $1.65
McCormick Black Pepper
Used .25 MQ tripled to .75
Tony Chacherie's Red Beans & Rice Mix
Used .55 MQ tripled to $1.65
Dromedary Pimientos
Used .35 MQ tripled to $1.05 (Overage! Score!)
BTW, what the heck do I do with Pimientos?
Food Club Salt
French's Mustard
Used .50 MQ tripled to $1.50 (Overage! Score 2!)
Smithfield Sausage Links
$2 Sale
Used .55 MQ tripled to $1.65
Smithfield Bacon
$2.50 Sale
Used .55 MQ tripled to $1.65
Kellogg's Fruit Loops
$2 Sale
Used $1 MQ
Lipton Tea Bags
Used .60 MQ tripled to $1.27
Country Crock
$2.99 Sale
Used .50 MQ tripled to $1.50
No Yolk Egg Noodles
Used .50 IP tripled to $1.50
French's Worcestershire Sauce
Used .50 MQ tripled to $1.50 (Overage! Score 3!)
12 Pop-Tarts 8 ct.
$1.50 Sale
Used 12 $1 peelie coupons
Total OOP: $19.53
Total Saved: $38.98 or 69%


Tosha said...

at least you pick the whole grain variety. I am afraid my kids get deprived from junk food, I eat most of it!! I'm a pig, I know lol

Mommy Managing said...

I only got that kind because it had the coupon on it! LOL!

amy99s said...

HAHAHA My son eats poptarts after school every day, I guess I am a bad mommy too ;-)

A Cowboy's Wife said...

I was referred to you by the New Frugal Mom since my only 2 grocery stores are Brookshires and Walmart. I'm new to this whole frugal thing and was wondering if you could take a few minutes to explain anything I might need to know about shopping at Brookshires..or even walmart.

Here's my email, I would appreciate any help.
lori at