Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kroger Mega Event Show & Tell (January 23rd)

I know I saved a lot of money on this trip, but it feels like I spent a lot, too. I guess 12 bags of cheese'll do that. ;)
** Will denote items included in the Mega Event. Essentially, you get .50 off each item ($5 off 10).
3 Frank's Red Hot Sauce**
$1.69 each
Used (3) .50 MQ doubled to $1

2 Pace Picante Sauce**
$1.99 each
Used .40/2 MQ doubled to .80

Kroger Tissues
Used .75 Cellfire e-coupon

Betty Crocker Frosting
Used .50 MQ doubled to $1
Used .55 Shortcuts e-coupon

7 Rotel cans**
$1 each
My region didn't get the MQ :(

Kroger Tuna
Used .75 Cellfire e-coupon

12 Kraft cheeses (Some chunk, some shredded)**
$2.59 each
Used (12) .75 blinkie coupons

Zantac 150
$1.25 on Markdown
Used $1 MQ

2 Olay Quench
$1.89 each on Markdown
Used (2) $2 MQ

4 Softsoap
$1 each
Used (4) .50 MQ doubled to $1 each

Gillete Shampoo
Used $2 PGEsaver e-coupon
Used $2 MQ

2 Mentos Gum
.79 Clearance
Used .55/2 MQ doubled to $1.10

Kroger Cottage Cheese
Used .75 Cellfire e-coupon

3 Armour Meatballs**
$2.50 each
Used (3) .55 MQ double to $1.10 each

4 Orville Redenbacher Popcorn**
$1.99 each
Used (2) $1 IP coupons
Used (2) .40 MQ doubled to .80

Earned $15 off my order for purchasing 30 qualifying items.

Total Paid: $31.81
Total Saved: $85.23 or 75%


Tosha said...

why didnt you buy 4 of the armour meat balls to get the $2 cat back? You did great on everything else. Lucky dog you keeps finding all the markdowns:)

Mommy Managing said...

UGH! See, I heard a rumor about an Armour Meatball cat, but I didn't know the qualifier! I only had three Q's, so that's what I went with. Shoot.

Heather said...

Where in the Kroger on Spillway is the marked down/closeout items? I was there last night and did not find them anywhere.

Mommy Managing said...

The Markdowns/Clearance are smack dab in the middle of the dishwashing & laundry aisle. There is also usually a buggy in the back left corner by the yogurt (Blocking the fire exit, BTW! LOL!).