Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Pizza Cutter

Welcome to today's Things I Love Thursday hosted by The Diaper Diaries!

I adore my pizza cutter!

It is stainless steel and I use it for far more than just pizza cutting--although with my sons' pizza habits alone, it would be a neccessity!

I was tired of the classic pizza cutter wheel clogging up with cheese and not rolling or pulling more cheese off as I cut. I bought this one at Bed Bath & Beyond a couple years ago (and I'm sure I used a 20% off or $5 off $15 purchase coupon). You hold this one in both of your fists and rock it back and forth.

Here are some other things I've used it for:

  • Cutting cooled fudge into squares
  • Cutting brownies and cookie bars
  • Cutting homemade dumplings
  • Cutting homemade pasta
  • Chopping onions, bell peppers, garlic, etc.

I found the one in the picture at this website, but I believe you'd find it at Bed Bath & Beyond or Linens & Things to avoid shipping and use a coupon.


thediaperdiaries said...

I hate my rotary pizza cutter. I have never seen this. I am not kidding, I am heading out to BBB tomorrow to get one of these.

heresthediehl said...

i love this idea! thanks for sharing!

Becky said...

I need that for quesadillas, which are pretty much our fall-back kid dinner. Thanks!