Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Few Good Deals--Check Out the Glade Moneymaker!

I did most of my grocery shopping on saturday, but here are the deals I couldn't pass up this week:


Most Target stores have this special running this week:
Buy 4 Boxes of Cheerios for $11, get a $5 gift card.
My store opted to give us a FREE 64 oz. Tropicana Orange Juice (worth $2.99) instead.
Not quite as great, but I had coupons for the Cheerios and we do love some orange juice!
I picked up 2 more Easy Macs with this coupon (making them 27 cents each).
And I got 2 more FREE Travel-sized All Small & Mighty with this coupon.
Total Out-Of-Pocket: $8.56


Quick trip to take advantage of more TRIPLING! They only triple one of each type of coupon per transaction, so I have to keep popping in when I’m nearby.
These were the deals, after coupons:

29 cents--Betty Crocker Warm Delights (Mmmmmm…)
50 cents--Near East Parmesan Couscous
34 cents--small bag of Nestle Tollhouse Morsels
79 cents--Betty Crocker Three Cheese Scalloped Potatoes
20 cents--Hormel canned chicken
$1.93--(2) Sunny D’s

Total Out-of-Pocket: $4.53


I am so pleased with today’s trip to Kroger!

$2.50 Chex Mix Bars (Something New to try!)
$2.50 Fiber One Chewy Bars (These are awesome!)
$2.58 (2) Bounty Basic Paper Towels
$2.97 (3) 4 pack Cottonelle Toilet Paper
$3.00 (3) Land O Lakes Buttery Taste Spread
$2.97 (3) Johnson’s Buddies Bars
$5.00 (2) Kashi Cheddar Crackers
$3.50 Gallon of Milk
$19.98 (2) Glade Flameless Wisp candles
$8.98 (2) Glade Scented Oil Warmers

Used these coupons:

60 cents off Chex Mix Bars from
50 cents off Chex Mix Bars Manufacturer Coupon--DOUBLED
50 cents off Fiber One Chewy Bars--DOUBLED
(2) 25 cents off Bounty--DOUBLED
(3) $1 off Cottonelle TP
(3) 30 cents off Land O Lakes Buttery Taste Spread--DOUBLED
(3) $1 off Johnson’s Buddies
(2) $2 off any Kashi Product
$5 off Glade Flameless Wisp Candle
Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Glade Flameless Wisp Candle
$4 off Glade Scented Oil Warmer
Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Glade Scented Oil Warmer

I paid $18.71 Out of Pocket--but check this out:
I got back $4 off my next order catalinas for each of the Glade Flameless Wisp Candles.
I got back $2 off my next order catalinas for each of the Glade Scented Oil Warmers.
I got back 75 cents off my next order catalina for the Land O Lakes.
I got $3 off any 3 Johnson’s baby items, which I will use to get 3 more FREE Buddies soaps and get $3 off 3 Johnson's baby items and on and on...
That’s a total of $15.75 toward my next order! I’ll be getting more of the Glade (These catalinas will continue to print until October 8th and are unlimited). Thanks to A Full Cup for the Glade and Johnson’s deals!

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