Saturday, April 4, 2009

Brookshire's Update

As I mentioned here and here, I have encountered a couple of cashiers manually entering my IP's so that they will not double or triple when the coupon says "Do not double or triple".

Today, I was checking out with my favorite cashier, and I talked to her about it. They are now practicing this as store policy. Apparently, they should have been doing it all along, but it is just now being enforced.

Once again, I believe they have the right to do this when the coupon clearly states "Do not double or triple".

It will definitely affect my shopping trips, and my weekly coupon matchups will reflect this to the best of my ability. When I have already printed the IP's and no longer have them, I won't always know if they say DND or DNT.

All of this took place at the Brandon location off of Lakeland Drive. I have not been to another location yet to know if they are enforcing the same policy or not.

I am also not sure about MQ's from Sunday inserts that say "Do not double or triple" and if they are using the same manually entered method.

Just an FYI!


LittlePeopleWealth said...

I don't have any local stores that double, this sounds like it could be a pain to figure out!

Mommy Managing said...

Yeah, I'm pretty bummed because I snag some AWESOME deals at Brookshire's with TRIPLE coupons! I still think I'll do okay.