Friday, April 24, 2009

Our NEW Garden!

Do you remember in Genesis after Adam & Eve ate that stupid little apple?

God told Eve (and all women) she would experience pain in childbirth. I did that. With an anesthesiologist by my side. :D

God told Adam (and all men) that they would have to work the ground for their food and basically, it's not gonna be easy!

Well, get to it Honey! I let him use a tiller to ease his pain. :)

Might as well get the little guys working, too!

We found an entire tree stump underground, roots and all. That was loads of fun! (Sarcasm drips from monitor, right?) Then there's that lovely Mississippi clay that just wants to recompact as soon as you dig it up.

Eventually, we made it through! Here's our pretty new garden:

We'll have carrots, green beans, green peas, black eyed peas, Lima beans, yellow squash, Zucchini, Roma tomatoes, regular tomatoes, jalapenos, red chile peppers, bell peppers in three colors, mixed salad greens, and herbs. We're seeing little sprouts all over, and we just planted seed on Saturday. We transplanted the peppers and regular tomatoes.

This was NOT very frugal, I will admit. We had to get a lot of dirt and fertilizer stuff. We didn't own a proper shovel before this, either. I'm still hoping it will pay off in the end.

I can't wait to show you our harvest!


Gator Mommy said...

Good luck!! I know the boys will have a great time seeing all the goodies grow.

Anonymous said...

Way ahead of me there girl. We still have the weeds from last year out there.
I can't wait to see your harvest either! Good job...
Liked the anesthesia bit-
I see cute kiddos came forth from that:)

All Things Frugal 4-U & Me as an ANON because my passwords kicking back? DORKITIS prevails?!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog and wanted to say "GREAT JOB on the garden!!" We put in our 1st garden last year, and got lots of yummy veggies. Here is a helpful hint. We laid down newspaper between rows and covered it with grass clippings to help keep the weeds down. Then, this year when we tilled the garden, the newspaper and grass clippings were tilled into the soil as mulch.

Also, noticed that it looks like you DH is wearing a Texas Longhorn shirt. Did you transplant to MS from TX?

Lea Ann said...

I am so jealous of your garden. Not only do we live on top of a hill (no flat places for a garden) we are completely surrounded by trees (no sun for a garden) and of course I have very very black thumbs. Good for you!

cheapbychoice said...

Great job! I know about that Mississippi clay. Just wait until the Mississippi July sun. The hard work will pay off. Fresh veggies are always better than store bought. Have fun!!

Mommy Managing said...

My husband is originally from Texas. Being a Texas Longhorn Fan was part of our wedding vows: Do you take this man and his football team, in Championship games and losing seasons? I do!

Maridith said...

Good luck on your garden. I totally hear you on a garden not being cheap. I just want to grow tomatoes and since we live on nothing but clay and rocks I put everything in a pot. Pot, plants and soil was $45. We better get a lot of tomatoes!!

Love the humor of this post. Very funny!!