Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Week 1 of my $60 Weekly Budget

Ok, this may be harder than I thought!

Before I did the math, I thought I was way under. April 1st thru 7th, I spent $58.67 on grocery & drug store items. So I was only a little under. Hmmmm...

I spent $9.03 on newspapers this week. I got 7 because it was such a GREAT week with 5 inserts. I included that $9.03 in my $60 budget.

I'm also apparently not done buying baby formula. Bebe Girl goes through it so fast! She has her next doctor's appointment on April 30, and hopefully she can start drinking regular milk. That was $10 of my budget.

I'm sticking with the $60 budget for April, though.

You know, the funniest part is that 70% of that total is probably sales tax!

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