Friday, April 3, 2009

Brookshire's Show & Tell (April 3rd)


That was me whining, crying, throwing a hissy fit and stomping my feet...

On the inside.

I had another cashier manually enter my IP's so they wouldn't double or triple. Again, I say that they absolutely have the right to do so when the coupon clearly states "Do not Double or Triple"--but can I just mourn for a moment about it? *tear, sigh, sob*

OK, I'm done!

My transaction would've only subtotaled .16 if the IP's had tripled like they usually do.

You can find most of the coupon matches HERE.

The Mahatma rice was FREE with the .50 MQ from 3/1.

The La Victoria enchilada sauce was FREE with the .50 IP HERE.

Total Paid: $4.43

Total Saved: $17.77 or 84%

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