Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ronzoni Bistro

You're probably looking at your coupons from this past Sunday and thinking, "That Ronzoni Bistro looks pretty good, especially at $1 off!" You're right. It does look good. Looks can be deceiving...

I won all four varieties from Coupon Cravings, which I was so incredibly excited about. With three very young children, it seemed like the perfect idea--a warm, homey meal ready in 90 seconds!

First, I made the Penne with Chicken & Broccoli. I took a bite. With instinctive repulsiveness, I shoved it at my husband. After eating all the rest, he says, "Tastes like cat food." And, yet, he ate it all.

I sent the Linguine with Chicken & Mushrooms with him to work a few days later. When I queried whether he'd eaten it and how it tasted, he responded that it tasted just like the other one. And, yet, he ate it all.

I fixed the Rotini with Tomato & Basil for my youngest son, who loves pasta. After one spoonful, he asked for some mac & cheese.

The lone Spaghetti & Meatballs sits in my pantry, not knowing its fate. Should I spring it on an unsuspecting houseguest? Include it in a new neighbor's gift basket? "How to win friends & influence people" in 2008...

Basically, the noodles were gummy, the sauces were poor in flavor, and the meat was scarce. I suggest saving your $2.59 (after coupon!) for something else.

But I would like to thank Erin @ Coupon Cravings for the adventure! She has a GREAT blog and I'm a big fan!

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Laurie said...

Please, oh please, tell me that their plain pasta tastes better. I just bought two boxes at the grocery store today (.50 each after coupons, can't beat that!). I just hope it's not bad, too. Thanks for the review!