Thursday, October 9, 2008

October 12 Coupons

Usually, the 2nd and 3rd week of the month are pretty slow as far as coupons go, but this Sunday's paper looks pretty good and corresponds well with some of next week's ads.

There will be 1 SmartSource, 1 Valassis, and 1 P&G Insert.

Good toiletry, cleaning, and foods coupons. You should definitely get at least two...

But the 55 cents off 8 ct. POP-TART's coupon will probably make me get several! It will DOUBLE @ Kroger and TRIPLE @ Brookshire's, locally anyway.

I know they are $1.85 @ Kroger right now, so I can handle 75 cents a box!

Check out the full coupon preview at Taylortown or The Coupon Clippers.


Anonymous said...

I there i just subsribed to your blog and i have never done this before. One of the moms from diaperswapers had you on her blog. I would love to be entered in the chance to win the coupon orginizer.
I just started cvs and walgreens and im actually having fun saving money and dh is getting a kick out of it.


not sure if im doing this right or not

Angel said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!!!

Caffeine Queen said...

So I was wondering why our area does not get all the same coupons as other areas? Do you have any idea why?

Mommy Managing said...

Isn't it crummy? I don't know why companies just won't make coupons national rather than regional.

I guess there's no need to put make-up coupons in our region--Cause Mississippi women are sooo beautiful as is! Right?!

I wish I had the answer, but that is why I use The Coupon Clippers and EBay on occasion.

Michelle said...

Hi, I think I might be jelous of your Kroger if they double a .55 coupon! They only double up to .50 here. BOOO!! LOL, just kidding, and I love your blog!