Wednesday, October 15, 2008

As part of The Grocery Gathering at BeCentsAble, I report on the Brookshire’s weekly ad.
You will need a Brookshire’s “Thank You” card for most sale prices.

Coupon policies vary by region, so ask for your store’s policy. I am in central Mississippi, and my area Brookshire’s stores are currently TRIPLING coupons up to and including 60 cents. They will only TRIPLE one of each kind of coupon, all others will be redeemed at face value.
There are 5 package deals this week:
1) Buy $10 worth of selected store brand items and get a $1 coupon good on your next purchase, including at the gas pump. From what I can tell, this compiles from transaction to transaction and does not have to all be in one transaction.

2) Get the following four items FREE
Barilla Pasta 13.3 to 16 oz.
Fresh Baked French Bread Loaf
Dole Salad Mix 5 to 12 oz. bag
Lawry’s Garlic Salt 6 oz.
When you buy ANY four of these items:
Shedd’s Spread Country Crock 45 oz.
Ragu Spaghetti Sauce 16 to 26.3 oz.
Bertolli Lucca Olive Oil 17 oz.
Bertolli Complete Skillet Meals 24 oz.
Breyer’s All Natural Ice Cream1.75 Quart (The chocolate version of this is awesome!)
Wish-Bone Salad Dressing, Selected Varieties

All items must be purchased in one transaction. Limit one offer per transaction.

3) FREE Pillsbury Cake Mix when you buy an 18 oz. Hellmann’s Mayonnaise (The squeeze bottle is $3.59).
All items must be purchased in one transaction. Limit one offer per transaction.

4) Buy $20 in “Tailgating”” supplies, get $5 off your order instantly. Qualifying items include:
Kingsford Charcoal
KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce or marinade
Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing
Glad Products

All items must be purchased in one transaction. Limit one offer per transaction.

5) FREE 8 oz. Daisy Sour Cream when you buy 16 oz. Daisy Cottage Cheese.
All items must be purchased in one transaction. Limit one offer per transaction.

Here are the best deals and coupon match-ups for this week:

Sweet Potatoes or Baking Potatoes
50 cents per pound

Texas Navel Oranges
79 cents

Green Cabbage
44 cents per pound

Distinctively Dole Salad Kit (These are really great, they already have all the fixin’s!)
50 cent coupon from 9/14 or 10/12 SS insert

Split Breast Chicken
99 cents per pound

Boston Butt Pork Roast
$1.49 per pound

Land O’ Frost Deli Shaved Lunchmeat 12 oz.

Pop-Tarts 12 ct.
55 cent coupon from 10/12 SS insert (My region did not receive)

Kashi Cereal, Selected Varieties
$1 off Go Lean Crunch printable coupon

$2 off any Kashi product printable coupon

Kellogg’s Cereal, Selected Varieties

From the widget on the right, $1 off Mini-Wheats cereals (all varieties are included) and $1 off Raisin Bran cereal

General Mills Cereal, Selected Varieties
$1/3 coupon from 9/7 or 10/5 SS insert

55 cents off Trix from widget to the right

$1 off Cheerios here, here, here, here, and here

55 cents off Reese's Puffs here

Kraft BBQ Sauce
68 cents

Duncan Hines Cake Mix
99 cents

75 cent coupon WYB BOTH cake mix and frosting from 10/12 SS insert

Betty Crocker Frosting 12 to 16 oz.

Del Monte baby food 4oz.
35 cents

Yoplait Yogurt 6 to 8 packs

$1.50 off Kids variety here or $1 off Kids variety here

50 cent coupon from 9/7 SS insert

Gatorade 32 oz. or Propel 23.7 oz.
89 cents
Check for tearpads at your local gas stations

Ozarka Bottled Water 24 pack/.5 Liter bottles

Tampax Tampons 20 ct.
50 cent coupon from 10/12 P&G insert

Windex Glass Cleaner 26 oz.

$2 printable here

$1 printable here

75 cent coupon from 9/21 SS insert

Shout Laundry Stain Remover
$1.50 printable here

75 cent coupon from 10/5 SS insert

Ziploc Zip ‘n Steam Microwave Cooking Bags

55 cent coupon from 8/24 SS insert

The following are Buy One Get Free offers for this week:

Tostitos Tortilla Chips 9 to 13 oz.
Does not include Baked or Natural varieties

McCormick Season-All Seasoned Salt 8 oz.

Food Club Cocktail Sauce 12 oz.

Bisquick Shake ‘n Pour Buttermilk Pancake Mix

Top Care Children’s Aspirin 36 ct.

Dingo Dog Treats 7 ct.

Nascar Pez Candy Dispenser

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