Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tip of the Day: October 8th

As many things as I get for FREE or cheap, there are always other items that I have a hard time finding a deal for.

One of such items is MEAT. And we are highly carnivorous! (Okay, I know that we are actually omnivorous, but we like our meat!)

I am not a blogger that will suggest a "Meat-Free Night" or using only dark meat chicken all the time. Uh-uh. We don't eat without meat, and I love steak and pork chops!

Meat is a commodity item and the price fluctuates based on location and demand. It is one of the best items to keep up with on your Price List, though you will rarely have a coupon for it.

One trick we use for well-priced high quality ground beef is grinding it ourselves {that's code for I make my Hubs do it}. I can usually find whole roasts on sale cheaper than the pre-ground beef. (We have a grinder because my husband is a deer hunter, so this may not work for you.)

I also buy a lot of Split Chicken Breast on the bone. I can usually get them for less than $1 per pound. We de-bone them and store them in freezer bags. Or sometimes I'll boil it first, then de-bone and store. Then I have a quick starter for a night when things get hectic, perfect for Enchiladas or a Chicken Broccoli Braid.

Also, you will almost always pay less per pound if you purchase the larger family packs. Just be sure to factor in the price of storage bags to figure out if it really saves you money.

However, if you do manage to have a coupon, like the .55 Pilgrim's Pride Printable coupon I often list in my coupon matchups, you may get a better price by buying the smaller pack.

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