Friday, October 2, 2009

Tip of the Day: October 2nd

In yesterday's tip, I told you to create a Price List that would break items down into units.

Stores like Sam's and Costco have led people to believe that buying in bulk means saving money, but that is usually not the case when you start shopping sales and using coupons.

When a coupon is good on any size, it is usually more effective to buy the smaller size. It gets even better when you have multiple coupons and your stores double or triple coupons.

The .55 off Mahatma Rice coupon from the 8/30 Red Plum insert is a great example. It is good on any size white, brown, or basmati rice. The smallest bag of Mahatma rice at Brookshire's is $1.23, and they will triple my coupon up to the item price and I will have FREE rice.

By buying mulitple papers/inserts, I'm able to multiples of the smaller FREE bag.

I think FREE sounds better than cheap, don't you?

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