Sunday, October 18, 2009

Walgreens (October 18th-24th)

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{Items highlighted in blue indicate that the coupon matchup uses the most recent Sunday coupons or currently available printable coupons.}


Zantac, 24 or 30 count
Earns $8.99 Register Reward
$5 Printable coupon HERE
Final Price: FREE plus $5 overage (!)

Vaseline Sheer Infusion Lotion
Earns $6.99 Register Reward (Month-long Deal)
$1.50 Printable coupons HERE and HERE
Final Price: FREE plus $1.50 overage!

Gillette Fusion MVP Razor
Earns $6 Register Reward (Month-long Deal)
$4 Manufacturer's coupon from 9/27 P&G insert
Final Price: FREE plus $1 overage!

Chapstick Fresh Effects
Earns $2.99 Register Reward (Month-long Deal)
Final Price: FREE

Emergen-C Immune System, 2-pk.
Earns $3.49 Register Reward (Month-long Deal)
Final Price: FREE

Hall's Refresh Sugar Free, 20 ct.
Earns $1 Register Reward (Month-long Deal)
Final Price: FREE

Robitussin DM To-Go, 2-pk.
Earns $2.49 Register Reward (Month-long Deal)
Final Price: FREE


Select Theraflu and Triaminic are on sale and part of a Register Reward deal. If you get the coupons on 10/18 and you have the "Healthy Savings Booklet" and the "Children's Activity Booklet", you might actually have a moneymaker!


Michelle said...

even without those extra coupons and just Sunday coupons, you can get 1 theraflu and 2 triaminic for $1 after register rewards. If you get multiple sets of coupons, you could use the $3/1 theraflus and get a money maker there as well!

Ashley said...

Is there a limit on how many "like" coupons you use in a transaction at Walgreens? I have 8 like coupons and want to buy 8 items. I didn't know if I needed to break this up into multiple transactions or not.

Mommy Managing said...

Michelle, our region did not receive the Theraflu or Triaminic coupons, and I have had such a hard time finding the Healthy Savings booklet. Thank goodness for me--I order coupons!

Ashley, generally speaking you can use multiple like coupons per transaction. If you're talking about using them on Register Rewards items, remember that only one Register Reward will print per transaction. I have come across an employee or two who disagrees about the "one coupon per purchase" statement written on every manufacturer's coupon. This is intended to limit the use of one coupon to one item (or as stated). But having multiples of the same coupons shouldn't be an issue.

Gator Mommy said...

Brie, missing your posts but understand how busy you are. I wanted to let you know that I gave you a blog award today.