Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Did I go too far?

I was just updating my sidebar for my CVS Spending & Saving in January. Good GRACIOUS!! HOW DID I SPEND $47.43?!?!?!

I spent $6.30 OOP for three glucose meters for my father-in-law. That won't be a repeat event.

I spent $17 here to somewhat "start over" after spending all my ECB's on diapers and a few household necessities.

I did get almost $700 worth of stuff for that $47.43, but that's not an amount I want to spend at CVS every month. I'm gonna have to reign it in a bit...

I've already spent $5.89 this month, but I'll make no apologies for that. I have dishwasher detergent for the next year! :D

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