Thursday, February 12, 2009

Once again...

My busy little life has inhibited my blogging. I'm okay with that, really, because my family comes first. I just hate not being able to share my deals & steals with you guys while they can still be repeated by YOU!

I'll be posting up my Brookshire's match-up in just a bit along with some of my shopping trips from last week.

Between the Mega Event at Kroger two weeks ago, the Daytona Event at Kroger still going on now, and a sale at Brookshire's that could satisfy any sweet tooth, my stockpile runneth over!

There is a report of NO COUPONS on Sunday along with a fairly blah preview at CVS and Wags. I'm actually looking forward to very little shopping next week!

Especially since Saturday is my BIRTHDAY!

1 comment:

winstead family said...

well happy EARLY birthday! i am in awe of your "deals" and would love to be able to repeat your process exactly! too bad they are posted after the fact for the lazy people like me! xo