Thursday, February 19, 2009

Coupon Preview for February 22nd

I'm totally sure you spent last weekend sorting and organizing your coupons since there were no inserts last week. Right? Of course!

Well, I'm glad you did, 'cause mine are a mess! I'm about to get to it, though. I'm getting ready for Brookshire's Moonlight Madness tonight!

There are two inserts scheduled this Sunday: 1 SmartSource and 1 Red Plum. Here are a few I'm looking out for:

$5 Rebate for Madagascar 2 & 2 Birdseye Voila Products
.55 off Bumble Bee Premium Tuna Pouch on ONE, 2.5 or 5 oz
.50 off Fiber One Toaster pastries on any
.55 off Ziploc Brand Easy Zipper Bags with Expandable Bottom on any
.55 off Hillshire Farm Deli Select Lunchmeat on any ONE package, 8 oz or larger, DND-5, DNT-5
.50 off Hostess Snack Cakes on ONE Family-Size package, DND-5

Check out the full preview at The Coupon Clippers.


Hopefulone said...

Hey girl,
I just gave you an award. Come over to my blog to get it:)

Nessa said...

I missed the Moonlight Madness. I'm so sad! I hope you got some great deals!