Monday, July 20, 2009

Kroger Show & Tell (July 19th)

My first Mega Sale adventure:
$26.03 Out of Pocket (Should've have been less...The cashier missed a .55 coupon that would've doubled to $1.10. Oh well, I win some, I lose some.)
Saved $80.83 or 79%
Received 2 $1 Off Your Next Order CAT's
You can see the sale and coupon matches HERE.


Ashley said...

Did you do this in multiple transactions or one? I was just wondering because of the internet coupons. It would be so much easier to just do my shopping at once. :)

Mommy Managing said...

It was just one transaction. I have never had any store have a problem with me using more than one IP per item.

My friend had some issues at a nearby store. I inquired after she told me that and they showed me the sign I mentioned in my weekly Kroger matchup. The sign has since been removed, so I'm not sure of the "Official" policy on this.

Ashley said...

I live in the middle of a bunch of Kroger stores. The one I went to the other day did not have the disposable gloves or smucker's natural peanut butter marked. It threw me off but it all turned out ok. I think I am going to try Spillway next time. :)