Thursday, July 30, 2009


Why is it that when you go on vacation, it takes twice as long as the vacation actually was to recuperate and get back to "normal"? Our family vacation in May really messed me up. I took a 3-day weekend trip to see my brother last weekend, and I just. can't. function.

I hope you grabbed the CVS 3-day deals (That I did not report on...) If you haven't been to CVS this week, the only thing to go for now is a small box of CVS Tampons. FREE after ExtraBucks with a LIMIT of 1.

The only thing I went to Walgreens for was the Scotch bubble mailers on sale for .39 with matching coupons for .50 from the 7/26 Red Plum insert. Quick note on that though: If you buy one mailer and use one coupon, the register will "beep" because it knows there's overage. Some cashiers will override it and take off the .50, some will reduce it to .39, and some will tell you they can't use the coupon. In order to "fly under the radar" and not have any issues, I bought extra so my total for all the Scotch mailers was more than the total value of my coupons.

I heard a SWEET little rumor from The Coupon Mommie that Walgreens might be bringing back the EasySaver catalog! Be still, my beating heart! :D

I'll be working on the Kroger and Brookshire's matches in a bit. There's a GREAT Procter & Gamble Promotion running at Kroger, and a 1-day 50% off sale on Kellogg's and Keebler stuff on Saturday, August 1st. Brookshire's is having a Buy One Get One for a Penny Promotion, but it's not that thrilling, really.

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