Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Febreze Deal at CVS & Small Tutorial

I'm about to post the weekly CVS deals (Yes, I know I'm tardy!), but I wanted to expand on the Febreze deal this week.

Spend $10 on selected products, Earn $5 Extra Bucks. (LIMIT 5)


Febreze Candle

Febreze Noticeables
$4 Manufacturer's coupon from 7/5 Procter & Gamble insert

Febreze Fabric Refresher

Febreze Air Effects
Buy Fabric Refresher, Get Air Effects FREE Manufacturer's coupon from 7/5 Procter & Gamble insert

Beginner Scenarios: (This is great for someone who only buys a couple of newspapers.)

Transaction 1:

Buy 2 Noticeables
Use 2 coupons
Pay $5
Earns $5 Extra Bucks

Transaction 2:

Buy 1 Fabric Refresher and 1 Air Effects
Use Coupon for FREE Air Effects
Pay $5 (with your Extra Bucks from your first transaction)
Earns $5 Extra Bucks

This works because you actually put $13 toward Febreze products on your first transaction. There is a running total in the system. So you only have to make up the other $7 to get your next $5 Extra Buck. After these two transactions, you're still ahead by $1 if you want to keep going.

Remember, the Limit of 5 refers to the entire deal, not the items purchased. You can buy $50 worth of items and get $25 Extra Bucks.

If you wanted to turn this into a Money-Making deal, do it like this:

Buy 8 Febreze Noticeables
Use 8 $4 coupons
Pay $20
Earn $25 Extra Bucks

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