Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Week 5 of my $60 Budget

I did great last week! I only spent $36.90!

In case you're wondering what's included in my budget, it's groceries, health & beauty, toiletries, cleaning supplies, paper goods like paper towels & tissues, diapers, formula (although now we're done with it! Hallelujah!), etc.

I really worked it at Walgreens last week with lots of money-making.

I made a few Brookshire's trips that went really well and one Kroger trip. I also went to Target and got free deodorant and Easy Mac.

If I'm consistently under budget for the next few weeks, I may drop the budget to $50. Or I'm thinking about putting the extra in a "stockpile" fund for when a really great sale comes along. What do you think?

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