Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Free 2 Piece Grilled Chicken Meal at KFC

Click HERE to print a coupon for a FREE 2 piece meal of KFC's new Grilled Chicken (which I thought was quite tasty!). This is a full 2 piece meal with 2 sides and a biscuit!

After you print, hit the "BACK" button three times and print a second coupon.

This coupon will only be available until May 6th at 9:59 P.M., so print it NOW! Coupon is valid until May 19th, but not valid on Mother's Day.

There is currently a PDF version of this coupon on Oprah's website HERE. The terms state that you can print it 4 times.

This offer is no longer available due to poor planning by KFC. They are not accepting the coupon due to "exceptional" response. Can I just ask, on the record: KFC, you offer a FREE meal coupon in hard economic times and advertise it like crazy (including on the most popular talk show in America) and you didn't know how overwhelming the response would be?

Now, in their defense, Oprah's people made the coupon available via PDF and jacked up KFC's control over the number of prints.

Their solution at this point is to offer a raincheck by mail. Go to your local KFC and trade the coupon for a raincheck form. I believe you have to mail it in. They will send you a coupon for a free meal including drink. One per person.

Sadly, they'd tried to do something good and promote their new product. Now they'll be doing damage control instead. They are trying to make good on their offer.

Please remember to treat KFC's employees with respect. They are not at fault in this mess.

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Gator Mommy said...

The KFC on Lakeland is not excepting?!?!? Grrr!! Do you know of any in the area that are??