Monday, November 3, 2008

REDBOX is here!

How much do you usually pay to rent a movie? $4.59 plus tax? $18.99 per month with an online membership?

How does $1 sound? Or better yet...FREE?

REDBOX is finally in central Mississippi!

The Wal-Mart stores in Pearl, Flowood, and Madison all have a REDBOX.

You can rent movies for $1 per movie per night. I've been using the "New Release" machines inside Kroger to do the same thing, but the perk to REDBOX is that they release coupon codes for FREE rentals.

Today's code is: 67JFP8

The code is good until midnight. You can use this once per credit card. The card will be authorized, but not actually charged. It is only good for one day's rental, so if you keep it longer than one day, you will pay additional fees.

Check out for more details.

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winstead family said...

COOL! i just signed up!