Thursday, November 27, 2008

CVS 3-Day Sale Addendum

It's 3am, and I just got home from our local 24-hour CVS! I got everything on the FREEBIE list except for the Bic Soliel Razors. I also got two toys (not pictured--I had to hide them!) that were BUY ONE GET ONE FREE.

I did four (!) transactions. I really don't like doing so many, but the store was pretty empty and the cashier was fabulous!
I started out with $25.48 ECB's.
Transaction #1
I spent $1.43 OOP
Transaction #2
I spent $2.93 OOP
Transaction #3
I spent nothing
Transaction #4
I spent 29 cents
The Maybelline ECB didn't print, so the cashier (who was also the Assistant Manager) chose to do a cash refund. He gave me $8.99 plus tax ($9.62).
I still have $17.97 ECB's.
I have updated my prior post to reflect UNADVERTISED LIMITS on a few items.


Heather said...

I was at the store in Brandon about 5:30 this morning. The cashier said I was up early. I told her and the manager that I had planned on staying up til after midnight and then coming but sleep won out. They told me I would not have been alone at midnight.

I plan on posting later everything I got for about $3 OOP!

alanajo said...

Is the Hershey limit more than 1?

Charlene said...

I got $83.76 in merchandise for $9.09 OOP, and have $37.94 in ECBs left!