Monday, September 14, 2009

Want to Order Whole Inserts from a BETTER Coupon Region?

Our coupon region stinks. {Gee, not the first time I've typed that.}

I've whined. I've pouted. I've thrown a hissy fit.

Then I orderd inserts from clipperkc on A Full Cup!

I've learned that NO region gets every single coupon every single time and at the perfect value you want. However, areas in the Midwest and Northeast get FAR superior coupons to what we get. I've ordered coupons on EBay and from The Coupon Clippers before, but I've discovered that ordering whole inserts works better for me. Rather than 5-10 cents per coupon, I "gift" 25 cents per insert. Shipping is US Postal Service Flat Rate shipping. $5 for a Flat Rate Envelope, which will hold up to 35 inserts. $11 for a Flat Rate box, which will hold up to 150 inserts.

If you want 5 of each of the 5 inserts this week, it would cost $11.25 including shipping. Buying 5 at Wal-Mart would be $5. Buying them anywhere else would be $8.75. Most weeks, we only have 2-3 inserts and your cost would be even less ($7.50-$8.75 assuming 5 copies). Is it worth the possible extra expense? In my humble opinion...YES!!!

This week, our region didn't even get 1 of the inserts. I have a huge stash of things that I haven't even posted on here because I want to keep your info local. Velveeta Shells & Cheese Cups, Reese's Candy Bars, A-1 Sauce, Colgate 360 Toothbrush, Listerine Smart Rinse & Agent Cool Blue, Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs, Lunchables, Kraft Cheese, Velveeta Cheese, Nabisco Cookies & Crackers, and more.

To minimize the shipping cost and maximize our savings, I've partnered with a friend. We place one order and split the cost! If you'd like to participate and I see you regularly, please let me know.

clipperkc is actually named Anna and she gets inserts on Monday after the Sunday papers have been delivered and distibuted. She mails them very quickly, and I usually get mine on Thursday. Shipping times, of course, may vary. She prefers Paypal and you can contact her at ahershey [at] msn [dot] com.

Please mention "Coupon Insert Info/Order" or something of that effect in your subject line to ensure she sees your e-mail.

With my first order from clipperkc, I asked her to send a "potluck" or variety of some recent inserts in addition to that current week. I was so pleased with what she sent! There was a great variety and she didn't send me a bunch of old stuff to clear her inventory. She can send you a list of what is currently available including highlights of the most coveted coupons in those inserts, e.g. 8/2 SmartSource insert (includes FREE 2 oz. Glade Candles).

Just an FYI--I still buy at least one local paper so I can have all my ads and post accurate info on this blog to keep the info local.

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Gator Mommy said...

Brie, I want to go in with you if I can! I don't foresee a time in the near future (until I get used to being a mother of 3) that I am going to be doing MAJOR stockpiling shopping but would like to have some decent coupons. I probably would only buy 2 of the inserts and that might not be worth the S&H. Please let me know how I can participate :) Thanks for the info- your the best!