Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Walgreens Show & Tell (September 30th)

Rolling Register Rewards is an artform. I feel like I'm pretty good at it, but how many artists create true masterpieces with 3 preschoolers going "Momma, Momma, Momma!" and touching everything and crying about having to sit in the cart and begging for Spiderman Toothpaste? :D

You can see most of the coupon matchups HERE.

Transaction #1:

Paid $2.47 on Gift Card
Saved $24.90
Used $13 in Register Rewards
Earned $15 in Register Rewards
Total "Cost": .47

Transaction #2:

**They were out of a lot of stuff at this store.**
Paid .73 on Gift Card
Saved $3.79
Used $2 Register Reward
Earned $2 Register Reward
Total "Cost": .73

Transaction #3:

Paid $1.49 on Gift Card
Saved $19.33
Used $8.50 Register Rewards
Earned $12.00 Register Rewards
Total "Cost": -$2.01

So I actually made a profit of .81 for the day! Not a masterpiece, but a fairly impressive little Paint-by-Number! Hehe...

As you can see, I'm using the small Hunt's Tomato Sauce and the Butterball Chicken Broth as my fillers. They are items that we definitely need and use. The tomato sauce is 39 cents and the broth is 50 cents--but you HAVE to scan the in-ad coupon to get that price.

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