Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy New Year!

I know what you're thinking: {It's still September...Is she crazy?}

Well, yes, I am a little bit. BECAUSE I MISSED MY BLOGIVERSARY! It was September 3rd!

I was going back through some of my old stuff yesterday, reminiscing over some of the deals I've gotten over the last year, relishing in my witty repertoire, and being a little self-critical--but not in a bad way.

I once had high hopes for the Oh, Baby! series, but quickly learned that I am too long-winded (or is it long-typeded, heehee) and I do not have the time to dedicate to writing full-length articles. I'm okay with that, now.

On the other hand, I really really wanted to continue the Getting Started Series for people new to couponing. That was before I did the CVS & Walgreens matchups, and it was too time-consuming. So here's my solution for that one: From now on, when I post a coupon matchup, deals that can be had by a 1st week couponer will be written in blue. That means coupons from the most recent newspaper or currently available printable coupons. Neat, huh?

I've also noticed that I've pared down the content in my coupon matchups. There are two reasons behind this: 1. I've left the "Real World" and refuse to pay typical prices. I've gotten real stingy about what I consider a good deal. 2. I learned that you guys are smart boys and girls and you know how to read an ad yourself. You don't need me to type the whole ad--You're just screaming "Show me the Coupons" like Cuba & Tom.

Another thing--I really miss bragging sharing all my good buys with my readers! Gotta get more Show & Tell's going on again!

In the month of October, I will be focusing on two things:

Tips & Tricks: I didn't invent this unique way of shopping, but I'm pretty good at it and I've done a lot of research. I want to give you daily (?) tips to help you on your journey.

Fashion: "What?" you say. Fashion? Yup. I'll keep you guessing a little longer on that one. ;)

By the way, this is my 500th post! How climactic!


Ashley said...

Happy Blogging anniversary! Thank you so much for everything! I can't imagine how you keep up with it all! :)

kris10dale said...

Congratulations on your Blogiversary! I've been couponing a year now, so it's my couponiversary this month - lol. Thanks for all you do to help us - and yes, please post more "show & tells". I love seeing other people's great deals! I also love when you post your meal for the night and how little it cost. Oh - and your "non-posting" of the Brookshire's deals cracked me up yesterday, since you wrote in tiny type exactly what I was thinking! :) Congrats again!

Terra Jones said...

Happy Blogiversary!!!! So exciting!!! :)

Love all that you do over here! I'm especially excited that you'll be doing/tweaking the "getting started" things - I will be keeping my eye out for BLUE! :) I keep saying, "Gosh, I'd love to do that, but I have to buy all this OTHER stuff first!" So that's great :)