Friday, August 7, 2009

Coupon Preview for August 9th

I'm still so flabbergasted by last week's coupons. How'd we got from 5 to 3? I did have someone local report that they dug and dug until they found some papers with 4 inserts...I guess I wasn't diligent enough going through only 5 papers! I always get stared at for looking through them, too. But I've taken home too many without all the right inserts!

I've worked something out with a fellow member at A Full Cup, so I'll be getting more inserts and coupons. :D

Now for this coming week, the preview shows 3 inserts: 2 SmartSource and 1 Red Plum.

Here are some I'm looking forward to:

$1 off 2 Bic Stationary Products (More FREE pens!)
$1 off Colgate Total
$3 off Bic Soleil (We don't usually get this one, though.)
.50 off Scott Naturals Flushable Wipes (We go through these like crazy!)
.55 off Land O'Frost Premium Lunchmeat
.55 off 2 Martha White Baking Mixes
Various Scotch coupons that will hopefully continue to match up with Back to School sales

One of the SmartSource inserts is CHOCK FULL of coupons that will match up to the (rumored) Mega Sale coming to Kroger on the 19th: Betty Crocker, General Mills, Pillsbury, Totino's, Fiber One, Nature Valley, Chex & Cheerios Mix.

The Coupon Clippers seems to be having some issues, so check out the full preview at Taylortown.

The cheapest place to get a local paper is Wal-Mart for 99 cents.

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