Monday, June 22, 2009

Kroger Mega Sale

The Daytona Event at Kroger has already begun at most stores across the country whose ads run from Sunday to Saturday. I am blessed to live in an area where the ad runs Wednesday to Tuesday. I call this a blessing because I always get a "heads-up" on the sales! Another reason this is great is that we get another batch of coupons on Sunday in the middle of the sale. They may or may not match up, but I'd rather have the opportunity!

This Daytona Event looks eerily similar to the last one. Buy 10 participating items and you get $3 off your order instantly.

I will be stocking up on Ragu and Manwich and getting a couple things of Breyer's Ice Cream and Chef Boyardee. The Betty Crocker fruit snacks are going to be a great deal by matching the sale with coupons and getting back a catalina.

These Mega Events usually last two weeks, so pace yourself. There are almost always items included in the sale that are not necessarily listed in the ad. It's like a little fun game of Eye-Spy! :)

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Kat Hendley said...

Thanks for the tip. I really like your blog.